All About Penile Torsion: Symptoms, Causes, and Treatment


Penis torsion a medical condition in which the penis appears twisted or rotated on its axis. Penile torsion is a fairly common problem among most male infants. Recent studies have shown that about one in eighty newborn males are born with the condition. Penile torsion can either be mild or severe. For this reason, the circumcision ritual should not be undertaken until the child goes through medical treatment for correction of the condition. Most doctors or parents will notice this condition during a doctor’s visit or during circumcision.

What causes penile torsion?

Penile torsion takes place when the skin and connective tissues of the penis fail to form right while the child is developing from the womb.

What are the symptoms of penile torsion?

Penile torsion has no symptoms. It is also worth to note that penile torsion has not been said to have any effects on a male’s reproductive system. Treatment on penile torsion can take place when you visit a qualified doctor.

Here is what you need to consider when choosing a penile torsion doctor:

  • Gender

Would you be comfortable talking about these issues with a female or male doctor? Will talking to male or female doctors about my situation be embarrassing? During penile torsion treatment, certain procedures must be taken, hence the need to be comfortable with your choice on the gender of the doctor.

  • Insurance

Not all penile torsion doctors are part of your insurance network. To determine if your insurance covers for this treatment, ensure to consult with both the insurance provider and the hospital facility you need to visit.

  • Budget

Studies have shown that approximately forty-five million Americans do not possess health cover insurance. If you are one of those, choosing a facility or penile torsion doctor who is within your budget goes a long way in saving you money. Be sure to ask for the charges of consulting the doctor and the treatment, as this will give you the go-ahead if you can proceed to engage in their services or not. Beware of any hidden costs.

  • Location of the doctor

Visiting a doctor who is not far away is recommended. It means that you will not only save on money, but also time. When you choose a doctor who is not located so far away, you can also seek their services in the case of an emergency, and any time of the day.

  • Availability of the penile torsion doctor

Find out if the doctor accepts new patients, and whether they are available any day of the week. Do they offer after hours services? This will ensure that you get the required medical attention throughout your visit to the facility.

  • Rapport

Lastly, you want to consider a penile torsion doctor you can easily engage with. The right doctor is easy to talk to, and you can trust them with your issues. Having trust issues with your doctor may affect your treatment and the outcome of the same. For this reason, consider one who values patients, and loves to have a good doctor-patient relationship.


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