3 Habits You Don’t Realize Are Hurting Your Cholesterol Levels

Hurting Your Cholesterol Levels

Cholesterol level is determined through the combination of the total number of good cholesterol and bad cholesterol. Good cholesterol helps prevent fatty build up along your arteries while lousy cholesterol builds up walls of your blood vessels.

You need to determine your cholesterol level because it will be shown in the result whether you lived healthily or noxiously.

If you have total cholesterol of 200, it is okay because it is the desirable total number of cholesterol. However, if it exceeds the borderline of 200 to 239, it means you have high cholesterol which might result in your risk of developing cardiovascular diseases.

The low-density lipoprotein (LDL) Cholesterol has a high marginal rate of 130 to 159. If it reaches 160 to 189, it is considered high. So if it extends to 190 or more significant than this number, it is very high. On the other hand, in the high-density lipoprotein (HDL), if you got less than 40, you have low HDL. If it is 60 or higher than, it is high which means, it is desirable.

In this regard, we need to determine what makes your cholesterol level to get higher without you realizing it. The following are the habits you do not realize hurts your cholesterol level.

1. You are not Eating Healthy

The body gets cholesterol from the liver of about 80%, and the rest comes from the food we eat. Moreover, since, there is an eagerness of some other people to lose weight; others have taken personal diet without proper consultation to a doctor which mostly leads to people to eat unhealthy foods.

A diet that is high in saturated fat, trans fat, and refined sugars can negatively affect the cholesterol level causing your LDL or bad cholesterol to increase and your HDL or good cholesterol to decrease.

Foods that do not contain animal products may have carried the harmful substance called trans fats. Through this, your body makes more cholesterol. Also, foods with saturated fats can also cause the body to produce more cholesterol. Moreover, foods which are high in sugar develops higher cholesterol levels in the blood.

If it happens that you have a high cholesterol level, buying drugs for it to decrease could be taken into consideration. Some companies release high cholesterol drug coupons to people in empowering health awareness.

2. Your untreated medical condition and your medication

If you happen to have diabetes, obesity, hypothyroidism, kidney disease, metabolic disease but left untreated; it might harmfully affect your total cholesterol levels encompassing the bad and good cholesterol.

By this, the moment that high cholesterol increases, it gives a higher possibility of risks to other health conditions depending on which blood vessels are narrowed or blocked.

On the other hand, others have treated their medical conditions; however, an elevation of bad cholesterol is observed. These drugs include beta blockers and diuretics; these are drugs which help a person to lower their blood pressure and another, birth control pills.

Although other cases find this elevation to be temporary, monitoring your lipid profile is a must so that it could determine if it adversely affects your cholesterol levels.

3. You have some bad habits

There are portions in your everyday life that could cause your cholesterol level to get high. IT might be within your lifestyle or with your daily activity. Thus, it includes living and working in a stressful environment, not getting enough exercise, cigarette smoking, and the most, not getting enough sleep.

The above mentioned poor lifestyle and activity habits can cause your LDL cholesterol level to increase and at the same time lower the HDL cholesterol level. As study reveals, stress increases LDL cholesterol because of higher chances of engaging to poor eating habits.

However, studies have shown that vigorous exercise which includes long-distance running can tend to have high HDL cholesterol level. As many doctors have claimed, many people can lower their risk of having high cholesterol levels by improving their lifestyles and activities.


Most cholesterol problems are acquired because of these habits which you might be doing on an everyday basis. Your reluctance in being conscious of these lifestyles and habits might take to risk.

If your cholesterol level indicates that you are prone to heart disease or stroke, you can consult your doctor on planning to lower the LDL cholesterol and raise the HDL cholesterol. It is a must because in some cases, some doctors may treat a person’s high cholesterol level with medication.


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