Six Reasons to See a Gynecologist


Every woman needs to see a gynecologist at least once per year. You could have questions about the female reproductive system or have an ongoing infection that you cannot explain. Mothers who have daughters approaching puberty will benefit from expert advice as they raise their kids. If you seek Madison gynecology assistance, the experts at Physicians for Women are at your service.

1. Gynecological health

Caring about your health must include gynecological health rights from the teen years. Every woman needs to see a gynecologist at least once per year so they keep abreast of their health. If there are issues, the doctor will diagnose and recommend the appropriate treatment.

2. Birth control

Women who are sexually active need to see a gynecologist for a birth control prescription. You will discuss various options and how they can affect your body. Return visits are vital so you can discuss how the chosen birth control method works and if you wish to change it. For instance, women who prefer the contraceptive injection are likely to experience side effects like mood swings and irregular bleeding. They can speak to a gynecologist about these side effects and what alternatives are better for them.

3. Painful intercourse

Experiencing pain during intercourse is a significant indicator that things are not alright. Dyspareunia could arise from vaginal infections, involuntary spasms in the vaginal muscles, fibroids, endometriosis, etc. Apart from such physical reasons, painful sex can be due to psychological reasons you are not even privy to until a doctor presents the idea. If you are in this predicament, visit a gynecologist for sound advice to improve intimacy with your partner.

4. STIs

Despite rigorous attempts to suppress the spread of HIV, this autoimmune virus continues to affect young and older people alike. Recent data by surmises that roughly 1.2 million people have HIV, and an estimated 13% are unaware until they get tested. If you haven’t tested for HIV or other STIs, get one sooner rather than later.

5. Consensual relationships

Apart from examining your reproductive organs for infections and diseases, a certified gynecologist is mandated to talk about romantic relationships and what it means to give consent. The harrowing story of Jenny Teeson of Minnesota is a cautionary tale for married women regarding marital rape. Teeson discovered photos and video footage of her husband raping her when she was unconscious throughout her decade-plus union. Gynecologists are trained to help patients acknowledge and report rape.

6. Menstrual cycle

Menstruation is another excellent reason to see a gynecologist regularly. A woman’s menstrual cycle is complex and prone to changes due to hormonal imbalances and other factors like stress and dieting. If you suffer debilitating menstrual cramps, your doctor can prescribe painkillers and other remedies like a hot water bottle. They can also advise on managing PMS and address other pressing issues like heavy or irregular periods.

There are many benefits of seeing a gynecologist frequently. Do not downplay anomalies with your reproductive system, as even the slightest infection could launch more significant problems. Book your appointment at Physicians for Women today.


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