Brighten Your Skin With A Dermaplaning Facial in Sarasota, FL

Dermaplaning Facial

If you want to eliminate your peach fuzz or brighten your facial skin, a dermaplaning facial might be the right procedure for you. The experienced team at Re3 Healing Aesthetic and Wellness provides Sarasota dermaplaning as an independent procedure or as an add-on treatment. This non-invasive skin resurfacing procedure uses a unique surgical blade to scrape away the dead epidermal cells on the skin. The professionals use their extensive experience to customize every treatment to meet our personal needs. Call or schedule an appointment online with Re3 Healing Aesthetics and Wellness today to get started!

What Exactly Is A Dermaplaning Facial?

Dermaplaning facials are an exfoliating facial treatment involving a certified medical aesthetician lightly exfoliating the skin surface with a surgical scalpel to eliminate peach fuzz and dead skin. To enhance the final results, the doctors can combine a dermaplaning facial with other procedures such as micro-needling, chemical peels, and any other facial.

Why Should You Consider A Dermaplaning Facial?

There are several benefits of choosing to undertake a dermaplaning facial. These include:

·         Eliminating peach fuzz

·         Brightening the skin

·         Promoting smoother skin

·         Improving absorption of skincare products

Does A Dermaplaning Facial Treatment Have Any Downtime?

One of the best things about a dermaplaning facial is that it’s not painful. More so, you can undertake the procedure on a lunch or short break without any downtime. At most, the only side effect you may experience is slight redness directly after the treatment.

What Should Expect During A Dermaplaning Procedure?

When you go in for a dermaplaning procedure, the doctor starts by removing all your makeup, and then double cleanses your skin with an organic and natural cleanser. The expert technician then uses a surgical blade placed at a 45-degree angle on your skin to eliminate peach fuzz and any dead facial skin. This is a deep exfoliation of your skin. You will feel a slight scraping sensation on the facial skin as any dirt and dead skin cells are being removed from the skin. 

A dermaplaning facial procedure is relaxing and pain-free. Some patients find it so relaxing that they may even take a nap during the procedure! However, each procedure tends to be different depending on your skin needs. After the procedure, your doctor will apply toner all around your face to eliminate any loose skin cells or hairs left over from the treatment. They will then massage your face with facial moisture, delaying skin aging while boosting collagen production.

Does Shaving Your Face Make Thicker Hair Grow Back?

Apart from what you may have been told, dermaplaning facials do not make your hair grow back darker or thicker. Once your hair starts growing back, it may feel different because it has been cut straight across. The hair will grow in with the same texture and speed as before.

When looking to brighten your face and enhance your appearance, deciding the right treatment for you can be challenging. Fortunately, the team of estheticians at Re3 Healing is here to help! They provide free consultations with no obligation for all our patients. Call or schedule an appointment online to get started!


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