Sexual Harassment In The Hiring Process: Why Victims Must Hire A Lawyer In Austin

Sexual Harassment

Workplace sexual harassment is becoming a common issue in Austin and across the country. Unfortunately, sexual harassment can occur during the recruitment process, before employment relationships take place. Because finding employment can be hard, sexual harassment victims in the recruitment process may choose not to report their unpleasant experiences. But not speaking up lets the offender continue to harass people in the future. If you are a victim of sexual harassment, you should hire an Austin sexual harassment lawyer to represent you and help you get the justice you deserve. Your attorney can help you assert your rights.

Forms of Sexual Harassment During Recruitment

Sexual harassment that occurs in the hiring process usually comes in two ways. It can happen when an employer agrees to make an employment decision in exchange for your performance of sexual favor. Also, it can take place when you are groped or touched appropriately. No matter how the harassment occurred, you must speak with a lawyer to understand your options such as the potential of filing a complaint. Although not all instances of offensive conduct can lead to a successful claim, you must know your rights to make appropriate measures promptly.

Filing a Sexual Harassment Claim

The law prohibits employment discrimination based on protected traits including gender. Employers cannot fire or decide not to hire a job applicant due to their gender. Under federal law, sexual harassment is a form of gender discrimination. It’s unlawful for employers to limit applicants in a way that negatively impacts their employment status or opportunities due to their sex. If you believe an employer violated a federal law during the hiring process, you can file a charge with the EEOC.

Sexual harassment victims have to meet a filing deadline to ensure they don’t give up their rights to compensatory damages. The legal remedies they can get depend on their case and the circumstances. Thus, they should talk to a lawyer as soon as possible if they think they experienced mistreatment during the hiring process. Often, you may be able to pursue compensatory damages, injunctive relief, and punitive damages.

A reputable attorney will invite you to their office to discuss your options as a victim of sexual harassment in the hiring process. Also, they will handle other kinds of sexual harassment litigation like workplace sexual harassment by managers or supervisors. No matter which stage of employment you have been subjected to sexual harassment, you can rely on an attorney’s experience and knowledge to ensure you recover the damages you deserve.


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