Should You Pull Your Tooth Try to Save it?


Do you have an infected tooth that is sending shards of numbing pain through your skull? If you do, pulling it out could be the best decision you could ever make.

But hold on. Pulling out that infected tooth may not be the perfect choice as several benefits come with maintaining your natural teeth.

According to the professionals at Los Lunas Smiles, there are other options, such as root canal, that can save a tooth from needing to be extracted.

However, this is a personal choice. Knowing the facts before making a crucial decision that affects your overall health is vital.

Therefore, you should consider the profound benefits of saving your tooth.

Benefits of Saving Your Tooth

Why should you even consider saving your tooth, you ask? Dental practitioners have several answers to your question.

Natural teeth are generally stronger and better than artificial replacements. They are also easier to keep clean and maintain for extended periods.

Although artificial teeth have been significantly improved than they used to be thanks to evolving technology, the truth is that they cannot perfectly match your natural teeth when it comes to function.

Prevent Your Other Natural Teeth from Shifting

When you extract a tooth, a gap ensues. And although you can fill up that gap with an implant or bridge, it will not take long before the healthy teeth on either side of the gap start to shift into the new and available space.

When teeth shift unnaturally, it results in a lot of complications. Chief among them are bite alignment and severe damage to the teeth when they eventually take over the gap left by the extracted tooth.

Even if you decide to go for implants, more movement is still possible, the longer the space remains empty.

Fewer Visits to The Dentist

Extracting your tooth results in crucial follow up with a bridge, a crown, implants, or other dental devices.

And of course, the more visits to the local dentist, the more money you will need to spend. You will also need to endure much more pain because those are artificial replacements. The tissues in your mouth will need time to adjust.

Your Self-Confidence Remains Intact

No one likes gap-toothed smiles unless of course, nature forces it on you. The self-confidence of most people with an extracted tooth always takes a hit, no thanks to the gap left by the extraction.

And most of them hardly smile even if they find several reasons to. You do not want to be in that kind of situation.

It Is Cheaper to Maintain Your Tooth

Maintaining your tooth is cheaper. This is because replacing an extracted tooth with implants will take longer to deal with and eventually cost more.

If you extract your tooth, you will spend a lot more time visiting the dentist. And the more time you get prepped for your preferred replacement choice, the more money it will cost you.

How Can I Save My Tooth?

If you can save or pull your tooth, you should always opt for the former. This is because maintaining your natural tooth has lots of benefits.

But then, when tooth decay and infection set in, the decision to preserve or pull out your teeth may be forced on you. If you prefer saving your tooth, discuss the options with your dentist.

One option is to have a root canal which is a process that involves cleaning and disinfecting the inside of the tooth to dispose of the infected inferior.

The dentist fills up the tooth with a particular substance or material that protects and strengthens it. This is what helps the tooth to continue functioning just like all the other teeth.

Not only will you save your tooth, but you will also enjoy the additional benefits of faster relief from pain as well as more rapid recovery.

The Best Time to Pull Your Tooth

As mentioned earlier, the best option for you when you have two choices to preserve or pull your tooth is to opt for the former.

However, in some extreme cases, you may have no choice but to extract your tooth.

The only reasons why you should pull your tooth should be:

  • If the tooth is cracked in more than one place or right below the gum line.
  • If the tooth is not strong enough to be fixed, which could lead to excessive decay.


It is often preferable to save your infected tooth instead of extracting it. But then, in some severe cases, the only option you may have is to pull it out.

If your tooth is extremely painful, you should schedule an appointment with your dentist as soon as possible


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