Teeth care and why is it important

Teeth care

The human body is comprised of many parts. There are eyes without which you cannot see, there’s your nose without which you can’t smell. Then there are your lungs that help you breathe. Similarly, teeth play a super vital role in the body. Teeth help to break down the food into small particles without which food can’t be passed through the digestive tract.

Teeth provide a base to your stomach as they are the first thing involved in the digestive system. Taking care of your teeth is very important because without teeth you can’t break down food into particles and therefore not eat most food items.

Common teeth problems

Teeth problems are quite common in people. They usually occur when you don’t take care of your teeth. This lack of care comprises of negligence in brushing your teeth regularly, eating too many sweets, and failing to regularly get your teeth tended to by a doctor. The following are some common teeth problems and their reasons:

  • Yellowish teeth

Yellow teeth occur if you don’t brush regularly. Chewing tobacco, certain medicines, and foods can also cause yellowish teeth.

  • Cavities

Cavities are very common in children. These are not good signs for your teeth. They look like small holes in the teeth. This is caused by plaque in the teeth which is bacteria that eat the teeth slowly. If not treated it can completely eat your teeth.

  • Minor tooth injuries

These can be caused in every person and are usually nothing to worry about. They are normally caused by chewing into something bad and getting your tooth chipped. Although if the tooth injury is a little severe you may even need to replace that tooth in certain cases.

  • Impacted teeth

This is more of a natural thing. Sometimes a tooth or multiple teeth grow in place of another one. This makes the area of the other teeth impacted and the newly grown teeth are uneven and have irregular shapes. You can get that tooth removed and make them straight with the help of braces.

  • Cold sensitive teeth

In this problem as the name shows you have difficulty in eating cold items and even drinking cold beverages, Ice cream for example when touched with the teeth causes’ immense pain in them so that the person can’t eat it. It occurs due to several reasons like cavities, gum weaknesses or infected teeth, etc.

Looking after your teeth

To enjoy your food even when you are old and keep your teeth healthy, proper care is very essential. Brush your teeth regularly twice a day. Have regular doctor checkups. You can have a visit to Parker Family Dental where you don’t even need an appointment to get your teeth tended or you can visit any other dentist near you. But the most important thing is to take care of your teeth and prevent any sort of plaque or infection on them so that you don’t have any problem with eating anything and you can eat whatever you like.


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