There To Support: 5 Tips For Helping A Person With A Disability Live Independently


Independence carries a different meaning for everyone. But regardless of whether it’s being self-sustainable, freedom of will or simply moving out of their parents’ home, independence is based on the notion of having the ability to make choices for one’s self and determine aspects of their future.

This is what we mean in the following piece as we provide tips on how to promote a person with a disability to live more independently!

Check out these healthy pieces of advice for helping a person with a disability make decisions to determine their own lives:

1. Help support the individual’s choices

The most reputable disability centre Melbourne has provided carers and assistance for people supporting the individual, and we always advise that they support the individual as opposed to nurturing them or trying to control the situation.

But by making small changes like asking what the individual wants to do as opposed to telling them what to do we can work towards supporting them and not trying to dominate the situation.

2. Build a support community

Although you may want to do everything for your loved one, you may unfortunately be inhibiting their pathway towards independent living, as you could be restricting their ability to meet with different people and try new things in the wider community. By building a reliable community you can find people that are willing to help the individual’s path towards a more independent lifestyle.

They will typically be family, friends and perhaps a carer, and they will be there to provide assistance where possible: through speaking with the individual, providing support when they start the process of a new daily activity, spend socal time with them etc.

3. Respect the things they like in life

When your loved one begins to seek new ways of social independence, they may take on a new hobby that isn’t really for you i.e. going to the footy or taking up art classes. And whilst you may not want to sit there through a daggy rom com that you would have never dreamt of paying to see yourself, it’s important to support the things your loved one wants to do as this is important for them to grow their confidence in the wider community.

4. Be positive

After all, this is an exciting time! And although you may have certain anxieties about your loved one taking the journey to more independent living, it’s important to remember that if this is what they want to do then you should support them wherever possible.

So, lead by example and with a positive mindset: this positivity will have a great effect on the overall process, ensuring you and your loved one feel good and happy about the awesome things to come!

5. Be open-minded and willing to adapt

Making the switch towards independent living isn’t just about your loved one – it’s a big change for you, too! So, it’s important that you too keep an open mind and be willing to adapt where possible. You will likely learn a lot from this experience, and this will especially be the case if you are willing to talk with your loved one and discuss what concerns you both have and where you might be having a hard time in the process.

This way you will both continue to progress in a happy, healthy pathway towards independent living!


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