4 Tips for Coping With Migraines


Migraines are more than just an irritating occurrence or a minor inconvenience.  Migraines can totally bring our lives to a halt, and even lead to vomiting. It can feel impossible to carry out your daily activities, let alone find relief from excruciating pain. Some people’s migraines are so bad that they have to remain in the darkness for days at a time until the symptoms subside. You don’t have to live in this misery. Here are some of the best tips for managing and coping with your migraines.

Know The Cause

The first step is knowing exactly what’s causing your migraines. What are the triggers, and how can you avoid them? Some of the most common triggers are fluctuations in hormones, and even triggered by eating certain foods. Some people experience migraines due to dehydration, poor eyesight, or even lack of sleep. Keep a diary on hand and note which days you get migraines, and what the circumstances were. You may find that it’s as simple as getting lasik surgery to correct a vision issue. Once you identify the cause, you can work towards a solution rather than simply living in pain and agony.

Avoid Triggers

Sometimes our most favorite activities are the ones that cause our migraines. Some people have food allergies, for example, can’t possibly imagine giving up their favorite foods, despite them causing their migraines. However, if your migraines are so bad that it’s affecting every area of your life, then you have to practice self-discipline. Stop engaging in activities that will trigger your migraines.

Try to find substitutions, or avoid being around situations or places that could be a trigger. For example, if you know that lack of sleep will almost certainly give you a migraine, don’t put yourself in situations that could cause you to be tired. It’s all about taking proactive measures to focus on your health.

Practice Breathing Techniques

Sometimes, migraines come on despite our best efforts to avoid them. If they do come on, it’s important that you try to practice breathing techniques. Breathing techniques can help you cope with pain, and stress whether it’s a migraine, or even something more serious like labor. Practice breathing deeply from the stomach and exhaling from the mouth. This will help relax your body, and reduce the pain of the migraine.

See a Doctor

If your migraines are coming on frequently, and are agonizing, then it’s time to take proactive measures. Go to the doctor and talk to them about your discomfort. They may refer you to a specialist, or prescribe certain medication that you can take to ward off a migraine before it starts.

They’ll be able to give you advice on whether your lifestyle habits may be contributing to your migraines, and offer alternative solutions that you may not have considered yet.

The good news is that migraines don’t have to rule your life. You can take control by taking the right steps, getting enough rest, and eating a healthy diet. Rather than suffering in silence, always consult with a medical professional, and eventually, you may even be migraine free!


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