All ICU Wards for Patients Infected with the Corona Virus have been Filled in Brussels Belgium

ICU Patients

In the European capital, Brussels, all the beds in the intensive care units for coronavirus patients are full.

This was stated by the sources of the Health Department in Brussels.

According to the Brussels Health Inspectorate, due to this situation, patients coming to hospitals in the capital are now transferred from here.

According to sources, at least 10 patients in need of daily intensive care are being shifted out of Brussels.

In addition, the 2A phase of preparation of 500 new beds has been started in Brussels hospitals by canceling low-need patients.

On the other hand, the number of patients admitted to hospitals in Belgium has reached a record of 7,000. According to scientists, the total number of patients admitted due to corona at present is 7231. Of these, 1302 are in intensive care units and about 700 are on ventilators.

Scientists say an average of 665 patients were hospitalized between November 26 and 2. Similarly, the average number of positive cases in the country is more than 15,000 per day. In other words, the number of positive cases per 100,000 population is close to 1,800.

According to scientists, the daily death toll between October 24 and 30 was close to 122. The total number of patients infected with the coronavirus in Belgium so far is 447,355 while the total number of deaths is 11,858.

According to scientists, 62,600 tests were performed during the last week, after which more than 5 million people in the country have been tested for corona.

Remember that the total population of Belgium is more than 11 million.


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