All you need to know about permanent partial disability award

partial disability award

As a worker under a specific company, many claims come on part of the workers. PPD or permanent partial disability claims often take up most of the worker’s compensation cases. These permanent partial disabilities may be a result of some occupational disease or some work-linked injury. Being different from a permanent disability, partial disability does not imply a complete disability rather a disability of some part of the body. Here is all you need to know about the permanent partial disability award.

What is a permanent partial disability?

If any worker of a company is injured and bears the effects of the injury for years or months after the occurrence of the event, they can contact the company for permanent partial disability. Under the company worker’s compensation law, this has a special meaning. Permanent partial disability means providing compensation for a permanent partial disability of a specific body part. PPD means that there is some type of permanent impairment that hinders the worker’s ability to perform at his/her best capacity.

What type of injuries does this award apply to?

Various medical conditions can lead to permanent partial injury, and hence the award can be applied to them. But broadly there are a few illnesses and injuries that come under this main category. The company can provide companies with these injuries and illnesses. Some examples include:

·         Hearing loss

·         Vision loss of one eye

·         Knee injury

·         Damage to the nerve

·         Carpal tunnel syndrome

·         Body part amputation e.g. hand or finger

·         Post-traumatic stress disorder, PTSD

Permanent partial disability lawyers

In the case of a work-related injury, workers may become permanently partially disabled. If you suffered from any such injury and want help, you can approach different law firms who provide attorneys to help you with understanding medical conditions that come with a particular disease or injury.

With medical conditions being accepted, you can get a partial permanent disability award. Under worker compensation laws, the injured worker should get the best compensation for the loss. Lawyers trained to handle these cases have a great track record of getting benefit awards from their clients, hence you can rely on them for help.

Compensation amount for Permanent partial disability award

Since a worker’s compensation is based on a state-to-state process, the compensation is varied based on the location. Most states make use of a disability schedule to calculate the amounts for PPD compensation. The amount of compensation varies based on the disability types, doctor’s rating, among other things. Taking an example, someone who suffers a 50% disability will get a greater amount for compensation than the one who suffers a 25% disability. Also, PPD benefits may depend on an estimate of the losses of ongoing, actual wages, and an estimated loss of the future.

In case of a permanent partial disability, it’s best to get in touch with a lawyer who can help you with your case and get you through in the best possible way. 


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