Body Wraps: One Name, Many Options

Body Wraps

Body wraps are among the most popular modern day spa treatments and, although they share a common name, they can be significantly different in their purpose, technique, and appearance ranging from hydrating cares to slimming wraps.

The basic procedure is usually the same, the esthetician or the massage therapist exfoliate your skin, apply an unguent, oil or cream and wrap your body in plastic or blankets for the results to be more effective and last longer; but this is where the similarities stop because Spas specialized in Body Wraps tend to offer a range of body wrap treatments in Wayne for achieving different goals.

Wanting to lose a couple of inches?

One of the most popular body wraps is the slimming wrap with many spas offering the chance to get rid of some extra inches quickly for a special occasion. This involves physical effort from both the esthetician and you and the results should kick in quite fast.

The problem is that the effects of this body wrap treatment are temporary and only last for a couple of days, so most Spas advertise them as a way to fit in a dress or bikini, or if you need to make an impression on a given day.

Some clients ask for this kind of wraps regularly to achieve more permanent results but body wrap specialist warns that esthetic treatments like this can’t substitute a healthy diet and a good workout routine. Too much stress?

Estheticians, massage therapists, and doctors agree on the relaxation benefits Body Wrap Therapy achieves, the consensus is also clear among frequent med spa visitors who ask for them to release stress and tension and come out feeling as good as new after a soothing session.

The common relaxing wrap starts with a scrub that ranges from fruity to herbal to exfoliate your skin for result optimization after which you are rinsed in a shower before the esthetician applies the product on your skin and then wraps you in a normal or thermal blanket.

Med Spas claim that after the Body Wrap you will feel less stressed and your skin will show a renewed smoothness.

So, if you need to lose some extra inches fast or are just looking for a different way to relax and enjoy a nice day at the Spa, Our Salon d’Artiste Med spa offers you a wide range of treatments like Body Wrap treatments Wayne that can help you get the results you want as long as you put yourself in the hands of good professionals in Wayne.


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