Foods You Should Not Eat While On Keto Diet

Keto Diet

The keto diet offers a precise way of telling whether you are implementing it correctly or not. When you are finally in ketosis, then you have confirmed doing it right. If not, you might need to lower your carb intake further until you achieve ketosis. Some of the foods which can help you include keto strawberry shake, green leafy vegetables, meats, bacon and much more.

Even though many other variables like your weight loss results and overall health and the number of ketones you produce matter, to gain all the benefit of this diet you must enter into nutritional ketosis. What separates you from nutritional ketosis is typically the food you consume.

Foods You Should Not Eat on Keto

Interestingly when on keto, almost all your cravings will go away. This is because your cravings are caused by carbohydrates in the foods you consumed before entering ketosis. There are varieties of various food substitutes you can enjoy from the internet.

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Compiled below are some of the foods to avoid and pave the way for ketosis:

Starches and grains

Many people cannot let a day go by without eating bread. Or run to the subway for that sandwich you love so much.

Grains can cause allergies and other internal issues to the body. Cutting them out of your diet helps to cut out on those many carbs that accumulate in the body, causing harm to vital organs such as the heart.

Foods like bread, pasta, rice potatoes, oats and flour should be done away with when on keto. You can be creative in your kitchen and make something similar to bread such as a keto bagel for your breakfast sandwich. They will work wonders, just like your favourite bread. If you need rice, make cauliflower rice. The options are endless.


Seeing that the fruits and candy you love so much are not in your meal plan is heartbreaking. You wonder if you will survive keto without them. But so many options are available. The fat bombs are the sweetest relief for your intense cravings and will also help you reach your macros.

However, careful with those fat bombs, they can drag you in a vicious cycle if you can’t resist those sugar cravings.

Avoid ice cream, cookies, pastries and soda to be on the keto safe side. You can supplement your sweet fruits with berries, particularly raspberries and blueberries. When in ketosis, all sugar cravings will go away, and this will make it easy to resist some of the foods you crave for.


Keto lets you worry about your carb intake, be it from food or the drinks you love. Ensure that beers, ciders, and liqueurs are off-limit. Not all liquors are prohibited on keto though. Some do not have many carbs, and you can enjoy them while staying in ketosis.

They include Tequila, whiskey, rum scotch, brandy vodka, gin and cognac. There are some you can drink straight up, but others like vodka need some flavour from MiO, and you will enjoy it without worrying about the sugar. While drinking, keep in mind your ketosis.


Your carb intake is essential and has to be monitored continuously. A lot of vegetables are not recommended on keto. This is because they have high carbohydrate content and can knock you out of ketosis. You must understand what you should and should not consume on keto.

Proteins to Avoid

On keto, you cannot eat just any protein. You have to limit your intake to between 20 and 25% of your calorie consumption. The specific proteins to avoid are non-organic animal products such as processed meats which have cancerous nitrates such as packaged hot dogs, deli meat and sausage.

Factory processed pork and fish should also be avoided because they contain inflammatories and mercury when consumed in large portions. Stick to grass-fed meats and dairy instead of the low-nutrient grain-fed meats.

Milk and Other Low-Fat Dairy Products

Pasteurized milk has a lot of carbs and is difficult to digest. When processed, it loses healthy bacteria and gains damaging hormones instead. The low-fat dairy products you need to steer clear from include low-fat yogurts, shredded cheese, cream cheese fat-free butter substitutes such as margarine. These have high sugar content and other carbs that are harmful.

Always eat full-fat sour cream, heavy cream and butter. Raw milk is also recommended as long as it is within the recommended carb intake.


The ketogenic diet is highly structured, with no room for failure. To see results, you have to commit to self-control for you to maintain ketosis. Aside from your dietician’s advice, you can join the several support groups online to get some motivation on your keto journey.


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