Freezing Fat Away with Non-invasive Cosmetic Treatment

Cosmetic Treatment

Excess pounds can wreak havoc not only on the body but also the mind. It can cause emotional stress, anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, reduced self-confidence, impaired body image, and eating disorders. Looking and feeling great is good for one’s psychological well-being.

Unfortunately, fat reduction is easier said than done for some people. It entails lots of hard work and discipline in terms of diet and lifestyle.

Not everyone can focus on what goes into the mouth and how many calories are burned through exercise 100% of the time. And even after sticking to a healthy diet and regular exercise regimen, some people cannot seem to see the expected results.

This is when the benefits of the availability of various cosmetic procedures aimed at getting rid of unwanted fat come in. Currently, there are many options available.

Non-invasive Solutions are Preferred

One of the most popular fat-removal procedures is liposuction. It’s a highly sought-after solution because it can provide more dramatic results than most other treatments.

Unfortunately, it is an invasive procedure; particularly, the traditional kind was introduced to the public in the mid-70s. According to health authorities, many risks are associated with invasive cosmetic procedures, ranging from scarring to stroke.

It is great that there are more and more minimal and non-invasive alternatives to traditional liposuction in existence these days.

Currently, there is a fat-removal procedure that is causing a lot of heads to turn towards its direction, and it is none other than fat freezing. Also called cryogenic lipolysis, it can help get rid of stubborn fat without the insertion of any medical instrument into the body.

Low Temperatures Damage Fat Cells

The concept of fat freezing began when a study on frostbite was being carried out. Participating scientists noticed that fat cells froze before skin cells did. They also observed that fat cells got damaged after being frozen and that they never solidified again.

It was around these laboratory findings that fat freezing was built. As the name suggests, it involves freezing unwanted fat cells, making them go away for good.

During the non-invasive cosmetic procedure, controlled cooling is administered on problem areas. Its goal is to freeze fat cells at temperatures ranging from 0°C to -11°C. After freezing, fat cells liquefy, get absorbed by the surrounding tissue, and never return.

However, it is important to note that the resulting fat reduction is not instant. For instance, it may take from three weeks to three months after the treated fat cells leave the body.

Complications are Non-existent

What makes non-invasive treatments for fat loss appealing is that there are no complications, including serious ones that can compromise one’s health and even cause death. Furthermore, a majority of them do not have downtimes.

Fat freezing, unlike some non-invasive cosmetic procedures, does not cause pain. It’s also a great time-saver, with some machines able to treat multiple areas at once.

Although there is no downtime associated with it, which makes it particularly suited for people who are always busy, some numbness and redness of the treated areas may be noticed. This is completely normal, and the symptoms tend to go away on their own.

Various areas of the body can undergo fat freezing. They include the chin, upper and lower abdomen, chest, lower back, and inner and outer thighs.


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