How to Fix Droopy Eyelids

Eyelid Surgery

Dulles is part of the Washington metropolitan area. It is located to the west of Washington D.C. There is a substantial number of people with droopy eyelids in Dulles. If you have droopy eyelids in a small town, you can fix them by visiting a droopy eye specialist. They will help you improve the state of your eyelids. There are various ways you can fix droopy eyelids, including:

Eyelid Surgery

The primary way of fixing drooping eyelids is through eyelid surgery. Eyelid surgery is a surgical procedure that alters the state of your eyelids to make them look better. There are various types of procedures you can go through to fix droopy eyelids. The most common type of surgery for improving drooping eyelids is blepharoplasty surgery. In this type of surgery, skin from the upper or lower lids is removed and an incision is made on the edge of your eyelids or under your eyes.

Generally, the surgery results in an improvement in the state of your eyelids. However, there are risks associated with this procedure, including infection and damage to other parts of your eye, such as blood vessels, muscles, and nerves. It may also lead to some side effects such as double vision, dry eyes, or pain.

There are other surgical options for fixing droopy eyelids, including ptosis surgery and tarsal strip surgery. These types of surgeries are aimed at correcting conditions brought about by aging. However, they are not very effective procedures for people between the ages of 30-40 years. In these procedures, an incision is made on your skin or eyelid to make the necessary changes.

In some cases where there has been trauma to the eyes, drooping eyelids can be fixed through surgery to repair damage to the eye. In this type of surgery, medical glues are applied to improve broken eyelids.

Eyelid Implants

In this cosmetic procedure, an eyelid implant is inserted in your upper and lower eyelids to make them look better. There are different types of implants available for you to fix droopy eyelids, including dermal fillers. This type of filler is made up of collagen and other chemicals such as hyaluronic acid. They work by lifting your skin.

Other eyelid implants for fixing droopy eyelids include the Silhouette implant, Radiesse implant, and Restylane implant–all of which are made up of silicon or polymethylmethacrylate. These types of implants are only used in extreme cases, including trauma, such as when there has been a loss to the muscles that control the movement of your eyes.

Eyelid Tape

There are medical tapes designed to fix droopy eyelids. These types of remedies include taping the skin under your eyes to the skin around your eyes. If you have tried other techniques and they have not worked, you can always try this type of therapy. This method is less expensive, especially if done at home without outside assistance. However, one should ensure that the tape is not used for long periods as this may cause skin irritation and other infections.

Droopy eyelid is a widespread condition and can be fixed through various treatment options. For those who do not like surgery, the best way to fix droopy eyelids is by using medical tapes designed to lift your skin. Other remedies include the use of dermal fillers and silicon or polymethylmethacrylate implants.


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