7 things you didn’t know about dentists


Since childhood, everyone knows a terrible trip to the dentist. The terrifying sound of instruments and the bur of the machine, the screams of previous patients and this terrible phrase for children “open your mouth”. But sitting on the Internet, you can stumble upon the facts about dentistry and now trips to the dentist for many do not seem so difficult. Our dentist in Brisbane has come up with some of the most interesting facts about dentists that you probably didn’t know before.

Number 1

The best-known image of George Washington, on the dollar bill, belongs to a face where the president clenches his lips firmly so he can hold a denture that does not allow him to smile or speak naturally. Due to the lack of adequate materials and the lack of hygiene these teeth were constantly damaged and therefore their team of dentists, a total of 9 professionals, had to change them constantly. They finally found a way to make a prosthesis that the president considered comfortable. The funny thing is that it was made with animal teeth: walrus, cow and hippo. He is buried with the four sets of dentures.

Number 2

The vocalist of the Queen group, Freddie Mercury, had 36 teeth, that is, supernumerary teeth, to which the singer covered his mouth when he smiled and left his mustache to hide his prominent teeth. This caused him not to speak well, but it was not an impediment to singing and demonstrating a great voice, however, no treatment was done to correct this problem since he himself did not have time, although it was the only thing he did not like about his body, otherwise, was perfect.

Number 3

The Beatles leader imagined many things, but we doubt that it had crossed his mind that one of his teeth would become a famous collector’s item. This is a molar with cavities that Lennon gave to the daughter of his housekeeper, a fan of the group. Today, with John Lennon already deceased, that tooth has a new owner: a dentist paid $30,000 for him and, not to put it on display, but to study DNA, create a sequence and, one day, clone Lennon. Queen’s drummer, Roger Taylor, studied Dentistry for a while.

Number 4

During his Dangerous World Tour world tour in 1993, singer Michael Jackson went to a dentist for a toothache. In which he asked to have his tooth removed because if that request was not fulfilled, he would cancel his remaining three concerts. According to the World Health Organization in the world, there are just over 2 million dentists. Buddhists have the “temple of the tooth”, in which it is said that there is a tooth that belonged to Buddha, this place is in the city of Kandy in Siri Lanka.

In Norway, there are banks of teeth (like those of blood or sperm). Children can donate their baby teeth and help science. Around our life, we ​​spend 90 days brushing our teeth.

The Egyptians created the first toothpaste 4000 years ago. It was composed of powdered pumice stone, salt, pepper, water, ox nails, eggshell and myrrh. However, the use of toothpaste does not extend until the 19th century. From 600 BC, in Rome, gold was used to cover some gaps as fillings.

Number 5

Have you ever thought about where an extracted tooth goes? If you have not been given it, it may serve science and will be delivered for studies. Also, teeth can be used on mannequins with a rare appearance for dentist students to practice. Modern mannequins possess artificial teeth, but in some interesting cases, they can be represented with real teeth. But the tooth can also have a simple destiny: they will disinfect it and… throw it away.

In the year 1210, French barbers began to perform the profession of dentists; they were known as barber-surgeons.

The work of dentists is thousands of years old. In Egypt, more than 5000 years ago, dental extractions were performed, and the external cortex of the jaw was climbed for the drainage of abscesses.

The first dental school did not appear until 1839: The Baltimore School of Dental Surgery.

Number 6

A Chinese emperor was the inventor of the toothbrush in the late fifteenth century. It consisted of the hard pig hair placed on the bone of an animal. Very hygienic does not seem. Dr Michael Buonocore invented the first white resin fillings in 1955, which allowed him to repair broken or decayed teeth.

Number 7

Cocaine was the first anesthetic that dentists use in their consultations, but its addictive effects were soon seen and, in 1904, German Alfred Einhorn introduced procaine as a local anesthetic in medicine.

Lucy Beaman Hobbs was the first woman who graduated from a dental school. He did it at age 33 at the Ohio College of Dental Surgery, in February 1866.

Since the eighth century in Japan, a tradition known as Ohaguro was followed and that consisted of staining teeth black with ink, iron oxide, sake and tea. At first, it was reserved for upper-class women and was a sign of beauty and maturity.

The secrets of the office

When you’re sitting in the armchair, don’t you think that the doctor and the nurse are conspiring since the table with the tools is not visible? That’s right: the doctor will try to keep the patient from seeing the tools one more time and not be scared of his terrifying appearance. In addition, many doctors have small phrases to talk with the nurse so that the patient does not receive any other worrisome information. Here are some interesting things you didn’t know about dental checkups.


Now that you know about some of the most interesting facts about dentists, your next trip to the dentist should be less of a trouble.


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