Looking To The Future: Tips For People With A Disability Looking For Work


 For Wollongong residents living with a disability, securing work can be a difficult experience. But it’s not all that bad, as with a little help and support it can become a hugely enjoyable and satisfying experience, and one that results in an awesome position in a great field!

With this in mind, let’s take a look at a few pieces of helpful advice for finding gainful employment:

1. Show off your ability!

The best disability home care Wollongong has is always here to assist people looking for work, and the first tip we provide is as follows: get out there and show off your abilities! The first thing you can do is ask yourself the following questions:

    • What do I enjoy doing?
    • What skills do I possess?
    • Do I have a lot of experience with what I like doing?
    • What positions are suitable for the skills I have/what I like doing?
    • Is there a training method I can undertake to learn more about this skill?
    • Should I do some volunteering to learn more about this skill?

2. Now it’s time to prepare your CV & cover letter

Once you have pinpointed what it is you would like to do and found a few roles in that area, it’s time to prepare your CV and cover letter. The CV is basically a list of facts about yourself including any relevant work experience you have. The cover letter is where you write directly to the employer stating why you believe you are perfect for the job.

3. Keep up the positivity throughout your search!

 Looking for work can be tough, and you can’t always expect to get the job on the first try! Therefore, it’s important to stay positive throughout the process, remembering the following pieces of advice:

    • Focus on staying motivated, reminding yourself why you’re looking for work and what drives you to continue with the search.
    • Set specific hours for applying for jobs – this will help develop time management skills as well as keep you motivated when the time comes to apply for a job.
    • Be kind to yourself! There are lots of people out there looking for the same jobs as you, and persistence is always key to finding employment! So, be sure to be good to yourself and keep working away at achieving your ultimate goal – it will be worth it when it all comes to fruition!

4. Learn from the process

Any job search is a learning experience, and the experience is never going to be the same as the time before. Be sure to pick up on some of the things you learn throughout the process, including taking on valuable feedback from interviewers regarding what went well and what areas you could improve on.

5. Keep working towards your goal

Sometimes, person with disability may have to put in a little extra curricular work to reach his ultimate goal! This may include something like study or volunteering until he has built up a CV to say that he is truly ready to take on the position for which applying. He may need to ask himself, “what do I need to do to ensure I get this position, if not now, but in the future?”

He may find that the role requires just a little extra experience before applying for it.  There are typically numerous pathways to learn more about particular roles and prepare yourself for them and this is all part of the journey towards landing your dream job!


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