What is a Welding Torch?

The welding torch is an automatic welding machine. This system directs the welding electrode inside the arc and conducts the welding process. It also provides a protective shield of the angle. Now there are many types of welding torches. Choose the welding torch according to various factors like welding, welding current, electrode size and shielding medium.

Most welding torches are categorized according to their cooling process. Many welding torches are water and air-cooled. They use the water and air circulation process.

Welding torches include the straight or bend barrel to use it according to requirements like bend barrels for the robotic arc welding. It can quickly provide access to the weld point.

Functions of the welding torch

The primary function of welding torch is for the delivery of maximum welding current towards the electrode. It means providing current to the electrode for the movement of the torch at the current cutting process.

The other function is it provides a shielding gas to the arc area if you use it. Welding torch uses active gases like carbon dioxide or different gases like argon with other gases like carbon dioxide and oxygen.

Welding torch applications

Torch welding is best for many purposes like cutting, welding and heating of metal. Here are the primary applications of welding purposes.

Metal cutting

Welding torch effectively cuts the metals, but you need to attach the cutting head with the torch handle and attach the cutting tip to effective cutting.

The attachment point and the tip burn the gases like acetylene gas which is oxygen-enriched gas. So by the emission of gas, critically high temperature generates. After a few minutes, when the oxygen level comes lower to the initial stage, it provides an oxygen stream to heat and cuts almost every metal type.

The welding torch’s metal cutting activity is quite portable and didn’t require any specific skills to cut the metal. It has a variety of cutting tips and creates an extended flame that quickly cut the thick material.

Metal heating

The welding torch is also best for metal heating purposes. It has specific heating tips, but mostly you have to buy them separately. Attach the heating tip directly with the torch handle.

Heating tips have multiple holes and the nozzles that allow the flames to come out. These flames heat a large metal area at once and make metal easy to mold like bending or straightening the metal piece into a specific shape.

Welding torch heats the metal faster than many other gas heating equipment. It is accurate for outdoor works due to its portability. Welders don’t require any specific skill to heat the metal with a welding torch.

Metal welding


Metal welding by the welding torch is not as practical as others, but beginners can benefit from it. Attach the welding tip according to the requirement with the torch handle directly.

High-temperature heat generated through the controlled flame that melts the base of metal. Then the gas welding rod dips into the dissolved metals and the rod becomes infused with the base metal. Now it becomes the one-piece metal created by welding the two pieces.

Make sure that the welding rod must match the metal steel for quality of fusion and welding. It is a portable method of welding which provides cutting and heating purposes as well.


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