You Do Not Have to Skip Eating in Order to Lose Weight

Skip Eating in Order to Lose Weight

You do not have to make losing weight a strain on your health or psyche. By taking on a new behavioural approach, you can get rid of the excess pounds realistically and easily. You just need to know what tips work in getting the results that you seek.

For example, getting more rest actually will help you lose weight. That is because any lack of sleep will also reduce your metabolic rate. When this occurs, you are tempted to eat more in order to obtain the fuel you need in order to keep going. Therefore, you need to go to sleep about 30 minutes earlier each night to elevate your metabolic rate. This simple change will also allow you to burn more calories when you are resting.

Pinch Your Ear Lobes to Shed Excess Pounds

Another unique way to keep your weight down is to pinch the lobes of your ears. Although this sounds silly, it is actually a form of acupressure. By pinching the lobes for ten seconds, you hit on pressure points that keep you from craving food. In fact, one study published in an alternative medicine journal confirms the practice. Study participants who used acupressure for weight loss and maintenance were able to keep the weight off.

Drink Warm Water Instead of Ice Water

Lose Weight

Home remedies on how to lose weight effectively also include the practice of drinking water that is warm. That means substituting warm water for ice water before you eat. Warm water is a better choice as it creates a feeling of fullness, which helps you eat less.

Why Ice Water Can Increase Your Stomach’s Size

The stomach, which features a layer of fats that safeguards internal organs, produces more of these fats when cold water is consumed. That is because the temperature of the drink causes fats to build up to keep the stomach warm. Therefore, drinking ice water can make the stomach larger.

Weigh Yourself on Wednesday If You Weigh Yourself Weekly

It is also important to know when to weigh yourself. According to weight loss experts, it is best to weigh yourself on a Wednesday as doing so shows a more accurate weight. For some reason, your weight is less likely to go up or down to any degree in the middle of the week. Therefore, the weight displayed on the scale on Wednesday is a truer representation of your average weight.

Weigh Yourself Daily If You Want to Lose Weight Faster

 Check your weight each day if you want to lose weight more rapidly. Whilst you may not always like the results, the measure will assist you in making any modifications to your meals or needed changes in your lifestyle.

Eat Off of a Blue Plate

In order to eat less, it is best to place your food on a plate that is blue. The colour blue is almost never seen in natural foods and the colour is also known to act as an appetite suppressant. Maybe that is why it is not often used in fast-food environments.


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