3 Ways To Look 5 Years Younger By Tomorrow Morning


Once you reach a certain age, most of your beauty regimen is spent trying to make yourself look younger than you actually are. And while there are plenty of healthy, daily habits that can help you stay young and fit while also making it seem like you’ve slowed the aging process, there are also some tricks you can try to make yourself look and feel younger in just a few short minutes.

To show you what some of these things are, here are three ways to look five years younger by tomorrow morning.

Use Concealer The Right Way

The way you do your makeup can have a big effect on how young you look. While many young girls tend to put on a lot of makeup, when you’re older, it’s more about using makeup the right way to enhance or hide certain parts of your face.

One of the best products to help you do this, according to the staff of InStyle.com, is concealer. When placed in the right places on your face, concealer can make you appear much younger than you actually are. To achieve these results, try putting a thin layer of concealer on the inner and outer corners of your eyes, the outer sides of your nostrils, and on both ends of your lips. By putting this makeup here, it will look like you’ve had an instant facelift all with just a few dabs of concealer.

Consider Getting Bangs

Another great way to hide some of the signs of aging is to get the right haircut, especially around your face.

According to Loraine Couturier, a contributor to LifeHack.org, getting bangs that frame your face or sweep down the sides of your face can help to soften your features and hide any of the little lines that might have cropped up over the years. Additionally, bangs can also bring the focus of your face to your cheekbones and lips, which usually won’t show signs of aging as soon as your eyes.

Fill In Your Eyebrows

As you age, the hair all over your body will usually start to thin out, including in your eyebrows. To combat this, you might want to try filling in your eyebrows a bit more than they naturally are.

Amy Synnot, a contributor to Health.com, shares that by using makeup products to fill in your eyebrows, it may not be as obvious by your face that your hair has started to thin out.

If you have something special coming up that you’d like to look a little younger for, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you look and feel younger within just a few short minutes.


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