4 Ways To De-Stress


As many as three out of four people claim that they experience stress on one level or another every single day. In fact, some people might argue that stress is a good thing. After all, stress motivates us to get things done rather than being lackadaisical.

Stress can also keep us safe in dangerous situations. However, too much stress can have serious repercussions. Not only can stress start to physically affect your body, but also emotionally. It’s in your best interest to minimize stress as much as you can. If you find yourself stressed, try some of these techniques to destress right away.

Get a Massage

One of the best stress relievers is the magic of touch. If you’re feeling particularly tense, it can start to take its toll on your muscles. Consider getting a massage to loosen up your entire body. Massages at least several times a year are a way of telling yourself that you care. Self-care is an essential part of being a calm and balanced person. You deserve to treat yourself now and then. Why not start by gifting yourself a massage?


Exercise does more than just make you look good in a bikini. Exercise also has a way of releasing hormones that make you feel good. When you work up a sweat, your body naturally lowers its own stress hormones. It also releases endorphins, which are natural mood boosters. Above all, exercise clears your mind and takes away any preoccupations that you have surrounding your daily life. Try to get into the habit of going for a daily walk or run, and you’ll find a significant decrease in how much you worry.


Sometimes stress is too much to handle all at once. You should consider taking a nap when things get really bad. A nap allows you to recharge your body and come back down to a calm state of mind. After you wake up, you may find that you have a new perspective on whatever you were stressing about before your nap.

Find Something Funny

There’s nothing like the medicine of laughter to bring you back to a happy state of mind. It’s pretty hard to feel stressed or anxious when you’re laughing at something hysterical. Laughter doesn’t just improve your mood, but some studies suggest that it can actually boost your immune system. If you find yourself down in the dumps, try turning on a funny video or laugh with a friend. Chances are that you’ll feel immediately better after a few good chuckles.

Some people find great success with having a go-to video on hand at all times. If there is a particular clip on YouTube that you find hilarious, glance at it anytime that you start to feel stressed out.


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