5 Things You Should Do While Trying to Get Pregnant

Trying to Get Pregnant

Making the decision to become parents is a big step and an exciting one. In order to make sure that your efforts are successful, it’s important to prepare ahead as much as possible. To ensure a healthy pregnancy and avoid problems during birth, it’s helpful to do as much as you can beforehand.

To help you along the way, here are some of the best things to do while on the path to conception.

Schedule a Visit With Your Doctor

It’s a good idea to schedule an appointment with your doctor for a preconception visit. It’s helpful to have an idea of how fertile you are and whether there are any issues with your medical history that could pose a problem.

Your doctor will be able to recommend any changes you should make and let you know what’s safe and unsafe while trying to conceive. In some cases, they may discuss your diet and weight and recommend that you start altering your lifestyle habits. If you’re currently taking any medications or supplements, your doctor may recommend that you stop.

Even though you might not be pregnant yet, what you are doing now can affect whether you’ll be able to or not.

Start Taking Folic Acid

One of the first things you should start doing when you want to get pregnant is taking a folic acid supplement. The folic acid in your body needs to build up in order to protect your baby from defects. Even though you might not be in a rush to start taking folic acid right away, you never know how quickly you can get pregnant. It’s best to make sure you protect your baby as soon as possible.

Eat Well

A healthy diet is beneficial at any point in your life; however, it’s especially helpful when you’re trying to get pregnant. When your body is well-nourished, you’re setting yourself up for a healthy pregnancy. Try to eat a diet rich in whole grains, raw fruits and vegetables, and plenty of lean proteins.

Cut Back On Caffeine

Again, even though you’re not pregnant yet, that doesn’t mean you can’t start acting as if you already are. Research shows that caffeine is not a healthy choice for your body when you’re trying to get pregnant. It can also increase your chances of a miscarriage. If you’re trying to get pregnant, you should only consume a maximum of one coffee per day.

Stop Alcohol and Cigarettes

If you smoke, it’s a good time to start right away. Not only is smoking bad for your general health, but it’s also bad for your unborn baby. Alcohol is also not recommended during the conception process. By eliminating it from your diet completely, you’ll reduce your chances of losing your baby.


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