A Brief Illegal Supplements List 2020!

Illegal Supplements

FDA stands for The Food and Drug Administration. It is an American apex body that is responsible for keeping the American public healthy by monitoring –

●       Food products

●       Drugs

●       Supplements

●       Vaccines and more!

There are several reasons why the FDA can ban a particular supplement. It could be anything between adverse side effects to addiction and even high fatality rates!

With that stated, here is a short illegal supplements list 2020 that one should refer to in case they are planning to ‘try’ a new supplement that recently hit the shelves of their neighborhood convenience store!


Aconite, otherwise known as wolfsbane, is a supplement that is made from the namesake plant, wolfsbane.

It is a prominent ingredient found in traditional concoctions or herbal remedies all over the globe. It is marketed to the American public as a supplement that can improve heart health and also provide relief to people suffering from joint pain.

Why is it banned?

According to the FDA, all species of the plant is packed with compounds that are categorized as a quick-action poison! Aconite, according to the FDA, is currently under the apex body’s list of Poisonous Plant Database. This happened soon after several reports surfaced about deaths caused due to the continuous and unsupervised usage of the supplement!


Betaphrine, otherwise known as isopropylnorsynephrine, is known for its stimulating nature. It is advertised as an energy booster and appetite suppressant!

Why is it banned?

According to the FDA, Betaphrine does not have what it takes to fit under the category of a dietary supplement. Furthermore, no research was ever conducted on the supplement that can prove it is safe for human health! To add more to the dilemma, several reports have surfaced over the years that using betaphrine supplements leads to heart problems!


Cannabidiol, popularly known as CBD is often marketed to the American public as a solution or rather ‘herbal remedy’ to several mild to severe ailments.

Why is it banned?

The FDA has strict rules in store for CBD and has stated that it cannot be sold on American soil as a dietary supplement. Hence, CBD products that are marketed as dietary supplements are illegal, and purchasing or selling them could land one on the wrong side of the law!


Ephedra, otherwise known as ephedra alkaloids or simply Ephedrine, is often sold in the States as a supplement that promotes weight loss.

Why is it banned?

The FDA banned the supplement as it has adverse side effects and poses a serious threat to people who consume the supplement regularly. Regular consumption of the supplement increases the chances of the person coming down with a heart attack, irrespective of their age, sex, and physique!


Tianeptine, otherwise known as Tianeptine Sulfate or simply Tianaa, is a prescription drug in foreign nations. It is used as a medication to treat patients who are addicted to opioids.

Why is it banned?

FDA banned the supplement as it is unsafe and does not meet US supplement safety standards. Furthermore, it also comes with a plethora of side effects, when a person consumes it regularly!

Including supplements whose efficacy and so-called ‘benefits’ are not proven by research papers and scientific studies, into one’s daily diet could lead to gnarly side-effects. Hence, if one has plans to try out any new supplement which they saw at a local store, then they should make sure that its name is not on the above list!


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