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The need for protection is the first reason to take out insurance. Especially when what we want to protect is the family and the people we love most. However, when reflecting on whether or not to sign a Life policy, it is important to assess what this guarantee offers and what it may mean to have your coverage in the future. If you want online insurance services, you can consider national foundation life insurance.

Voluntary life and health insurance were practised hundreds of years ago and, in fact, became the basis of a complex, versatile modern insurance system. What is meant by this definition, what types of insurance are there? Which insurance policy is preferred to whom? How much does it cost? What do you need to know when an insured event occurs? The answers and useful recommendations of the expert on the most common questions of human health and life insurance are detailed below.

What is life insurance?

This is an agreement with a financial institution, according to which the insured first makes a contribution, and then, under certain circumstances specified in the policy, has the right to receive part or all of the amount paid for the agreed expenses. Sometimes the insurance does not imply the payment of money, but the provision of services, for example, medical or loan repayment.

Types of insurances

  • car insurance is mandatory for vehicle owners;
  • many banks insist on providing an insurance policy for the amount of the loan;
  • if a person travels abroad, without obtaining international insurance, he may not receive a visa.

Life insurance is still a novelty, a curiosity that has come from the West. Everyone has such policies there; they are issued to every child almost from birth and make contributions year after year. If after a certain period of time (specified in the preparation of the insurance policy) insurance has not been used, it is paid in full with interest, according to the contract.

Voluntary or compulsory insurance is not only a lifesaver for loved ones if an accident does occur. This is a kind of investment. The insured person receives a number of additional benefits and opportunities that few people think about. This is, in fact, an airbag for all occasions – a wedding, study, buying a house, etc. It is needed by everyone, without exception.

Why you need to insure life and health

To be able to take advantage of monetary compensation for treatment or, in the worst case, for a funeral. So, the uninitiated will answer. But even a standard insurance policy includes many more options.

If you correctly use the proposed insurance services, after 10-20 or more years you can get the following benefits:

  • a decent amount for educating a child or for buying an apartment;
  • providing a comfortable old age;
  • help for a young family with an uncertain future and unsettled life, as insurance will help get a mortgage or a loan for repairs.

The insurance extends to any type of human activity and is applicable in almost all areas. The policy will protect the company in bankruptcy, help to cope with a mortgage or a loan, pay for medical treatment, and relax. There may be several insurances. And you can choose one universal program that best suits the needs of the insured.

Compulsory life insurance is necessary for those people who are constantly at risk: stuntmen, athletes (for all sports), policemen, firefighters, celebrities. But in this case, special programs with higher rates are provided.

What are life insurance programs?

Before insuring life and health, it is recommended to study in detail the life and health insurance programs provided for. The features and tariffs of the main four types of insurance are discussed below in detail.


The essence of this program is insurance against accidents and diseases requiring serious treatment. Risk programs are short-term – from 1 day to 1 year. Or long-term – up to 20 years. The amount is also arbitrary, depending on the established limits of the company.

The insured contributes the amount in one instalment or splits it into several instalments. No accumulation occurs. But if the case stipulated by the policy occurs, you can get funds for treatment for the period until the victim will recover and will not be able to work. Insurance is also paid if an invalid degree is awarded. Or if the policyholder dies.


Although we are talking about life and health insurance, in our country people use such programs as a deposit account. It is advantageous to choose a funded program for a child, for example, until his adulthood. During this period, the parent pays insurance premiums. If the child is seriously ill, he needs surgery, and an accident occurs, you can get insurance funds. If it remains unused, upon reaching adulthood, the child receives the accumulated amount plus interest.

Adults can also get such a policy for various periods. The total amount of payments depends on how actively the person used the insurance during the period of its validity. At the end of the validity period, the entered amounts are recalculated, and the balance with interest is paid. If during the term of the insurance policy, a person dies, the amount will be received by those close to him.

How does such insurance work?

  • A person enters into an agreement with the company and makes a certain amount immediately or in instalments.
  • The company reserves the right to manage the amount for its operations, but interest is accrued.
  • In the event of a worsening situation in the financial market, the recipient is paid the guarantee part – the amount of insurance coverage is specified in the policy. The company does not pay the full amount, consider this.
  • At the expiration of the contract, the company pays the amount with interest.

Investment deposits are not insured if the company goes bankrupt; the insured will not receive anything.

How life insurance contracts may differ

Each program has its own differences, which are extremely important to consider. Before the final choice of the program and the signing of the contract, you should carefully read the terms of the policy. Termination of the contract ahead of time entails a partial loss of contributions. And if the contract is terminated in the first year after signing, the funds will not be returned at all.

Action time

The contract is concluded for a period of 1 day to 20 years or for life. The shorter the period, the lower the rates and the lower the final payments.

Insurance coverage form

Payments can be made according to survival up to a certain age, in case of accidents, illnesses, in case of death.

The term and type of insurance payments

Payments are one-time, monthly in the form of a pension or allowance, only in case of insurance cases, or the company takes care of the payment of treatment, medicines, loans, etc. If you still have questions, you want to insure your life or the life of a child, and you can contact any insurance company after first reading customer reviews of a particular organization. Secure your future today.


Signing a Life Insurance, either as a guarantee against the risk of death or as a savings product, gives you the peace of mind of having an insured capital, at the moment when you can do more. That is why becoming a Life Insurance is a sensible decision that gives us stability in the future.


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