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Your health is your wealth, and it determines the quality of life you are going to have. Good health enables quality living through peace of mind, daily activities performance, goals and achievements, and general wellbeing. Life can be distressing when suffering from health conditions. The cost of living too can be unbearable, affecting your happiness and fulfillment of life. Good health is something to be grateful for every day and should not be taken for granted. Healthy lifestyles and regular health check-ups help maintain your health and lower your risk of infections. Whenever sick, quality medical care is essential for proper diagnosis and medication. Integrated Family Medical Center specializes in providing extensive and efficient care to help people live healthy lives. They offer various medical services, including hormone replacement in Lady Lake.

Under the leadership of Kalpana Desai, MD, Integrated Family Medical Center provides quality healthcare in Lady Lake, Florida. Her team strives to offer compassionate and comprehensive care to their patients through personalized treatment options. They are caring and kind to their patients, treating them as part of their family. They treat patients with their ‘I belong to you’ slogan in mind to offer the best services to each person who comes to the office. Dr. Desai is friendly and welcoming, providing the patients with a comfortable environment.

Integrated Family Medical Center is your one-stop place for all your healthcare needs. Dr. Desai combines traditional medical practices and advanced technologies with natural services such as lifestyle modifications and orthomolecular supplements to offer her patients the best care. It helps to provide more extensive treatment options improving your general health and relieving various health conditions. Patients trust her for effective treatments for multiple services, including general wellness, chronic diseases, and anti-aging care. Dr. Desai also offers women’s and men’s health, bariatric medicine, and functional medicine.

Some of the services offered include:


Diabetes is common among many individuals; it needs efficient care to enable the smooth running of lives. When proper care is not given, diabetic patients have a high risk of developing more severe health complications. At Integrated Family Medical Center, Dr. Desai offers adequate medication and treatments to manage the disease and allow quality living. Visit them today to learn more about this service.

Weight management

The ideal weight is essential for your health and general wellbeing. Dr. Desai of Integrated Family Medical Center is a certified bariatric that provides healthy weight-loss solutions for healthy living. Call or book an appointment online to achieve your desired weight goal.

Your health is critical, hence you should do everything necessary to help you achieve good health and live healthily. Integrated Family Medical Center is dedicated to ensuring you achieve your health through efficient and comprehensive health care services. Dr. Desai, MD, is a family physician who helps her patients live healthy lives by providing quality medical care. She combines traditional practices and advanced technology with natural services such as lifestyle combinations to offer the most effective treatments. Using the ‘I belong to you’ approach in their medical care, she ensures every patient’s need is met. With her team, Dr. Desai offers extensive services, including men’s and women’s health, anti-aging medicine, bariatric medicine, chronic conditions, and general wellness care. They are caring and welcoming, treating patients as part of their family. Visit them today in Lady Lake, Florida, for all your healthcare needs.



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