Achieve a Healthy Lifestyle with Weight-Loss Specialist in Virginia


Do you look forward to living a quality life? Rest assured to have optimal health with a weight loss specialist. However, individuals going through weight loss programs would tell you about the trouble they had faced. When you look forward to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, consider receiving comprehensive care along with a joint effort between your care provider and you. Seema Chaudhary MD along with a team of specialists, have been known to make the most safe, medically-proven, and effective methods to assist you in achieving the best health goals, thus improving your quality of life. Maintaining and achieving weight loss has been one of the best achievements towards improved health. For more information about the services offered, call or schedule an appointment online.

About Dr. Chaudhary

Dr. Chaudhary is an experienced weight loss specialist and certified by the board in providing obesity medicine is dedicated to offering high quality weight management. He has a holistic approach to keep you healthy. These services have been inclusive of weight loss and nutritional counseling, obesity treatment, medical weight loss, obesity & pediatric weight loss, and weight maintenance needs.

Services Available:

Counseling for Weight Loss 

An array of mental health and emotional aspects would affect your weight management needs. You need to introduce a few essential lifestyle changes. It would help you lose excessive weight and stay healthy. Dr. Chaudhary has been popular for offering supportive behavioral therapy. He uses customized exercise plans, medical and physical exams, along with specific nutrition training. It would help you determine the negative effects and behavior hampering your efforts to lose excessive weight. Rest assured that it would enable you to gain knowledge about trigger foods. Such foods could help you resist various kinds of food desires effectively.

Nutritional Counseling

Rest assured that your diet would contribute largely to weight gaining or weight losing needs. Adopting the right diet would help immensely in your weight loss needs. You could visit a wellness centre for suitable diet programs to lose excessive weight. Call them today or book an appointment online for more information.

Weight Loss Medically 

Losing excessive weight could be a daunting task. You may encounter several health risks. However, Dr. Suri and Dr. Chaudhary has a wide knowledge of effective weight management and provides obesity medicine support. Medical weight loss entails regular visits to the doctor. The good doctor would combine various weight loss therapies based on your specific weight loss requirements.

Obesity Treatment

Obesity affects numerous people of all ages. A wellness center specialize in medicine services for treating obesity to meet your specific needs. The experienced doctors in obesity medicine caters to you high-quality services for all kinds of treatments to handle obesity. 

Obesity and pediatric weight loss 

Obesity in younger children has been on the rise. It could cause various kinds of health complications. Therefore, it would be in your best interest to look for pediatric weight management needs. The medical weight loss program for adolescents and children entail a wide range of treatments and therapies for managing the obesity of your children. Rest assured that it could be managed and prevented. You could avoid several complications associated with the condition inclusive of acid reflux, migraines, and hyperinsulinemia.

Pediatric obesity could be treated through nutritional counseling, diagnostics, individual exercise programs, and behavioral counseling.

Weight maintenance

Looking forward to losing weight has been deemed the best step towards staying healthy. You could make the most of a suitable maintenance program for maintaining your weight and optimizing your health. The multifaceted program has been customized to meet your specific needs in the best possible way. It would be inclusive of self-monitoring, stress management programs, physical activity, relapse prevention, problem solving skills, and social support.

To sum up, weight loss could be a daunting task, but it would be worth the efforts made, especially after achieving the desired results. At a reliable wellness Center, Dr. Chaudhary and Dr. Suri provides effective and safe weight management and weight loss services. Call or schedule an appointment online today to begin your journey towards a healthy lifestyle.


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