Advantages of the cervical cap as a family planning method

family planning method

According to a report by Mayo Clinic, an estimated 15% of women in the reproductive age end up with an unplanned pregnancy. This means two things, interruption of their life plans like career and education, and a higher number of children exposed to a low-quality life. Family planning helps families plan their finances, the number of children, and the frequency of having children to ensure an improved quality of life. The choices of family planning are varied, each with its merits and demerits. Since its inception in the 1960s, the cervical cap has become one of the most popular family planning methods. However, the best Edinburg, TX obstetrics recommends using the cervical cap alongside spermicide to get the best results.

What is the cervical cap?

The cervical cap is one of the latest inventions in birth control methods. The cervical cap involves using a reusable silicone cup to prevent sperms from reaching the uterus during sexual intercourse. The device is inserted inside the vagina by a doctor or the user, ensuring that it perfectly fits the cervix. Once inserted, the cervical cup is held tightly by the suction in the cervix, hence preventing sperms from reaching the uterus.

Some of the advantages of using the cervical cap include:

  1.     It is highly convenient and portable

Whether you are traveling for work or seeing your family, you can easily carry the cervical cap. The device is small and portable and can fit easily in a traveling bag. Further, its ease of use makes it convenient. Unlike other family planning methods, which require a medical expert to administer, the cervical cap can be easily administered by the user. Ensure that you are in a comfortable position before inserting to make it fit perfectly in the cervix.

  1.     The cervical cap is a non-hormonal family planning method

Unlike other methods, which require altering the hormone level In the body, the cervical cap doesn’t alter hormones. The cap works by simply blocking the sperms, hence no need to take pills or injections that can alter your hormones. Some of the negative effects of hormonal family planning methods include:

  • Can cause excessive bleeding during menstruation, hence leading to anemia.
  • Disrupt the menstrual cycle, hence leading to irregular periods.
  • Increased risk of ectopic pregnancy due to an increase in progesterone.
  • Decreased sex drive or complete disinterest in sexual intercourse.
  • Have more adverse side effects like nausea, vaginal infections, and sore breasts.
  • Can lead to an increased risk of pregnancy due to irregular periods.

Thus, by choosing a non-hormonal family planning method like a cervical cap, you reduce your chance of dealing with such effects.

  1.     The cervical cap is affordable and cost-effective.

Unlike other family planning methods, which should be disposed of after sexual intercourse, a cervical cap can be re-used for a long time (up to one year). The patient’s hygienic conditions determine how long you can use the cap. For best results, always wash with running water and mild soap after sexual intercourse. Also, remove the cap at least 48 hours after sexual intercourse for optimum results.


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