Expert Inquiries: 4 Questions To Ask Your Sedation Dentist


Sleep dentistry is the most advanced and beneficial sedation technique for people who are worried about their upcoming procedure. Designed to ease anxieties and phobias, this painless procedure streamlines the process for otherwise anxious patients, ensuring they can get in the chair and get back out without the stress of old school dental techniques!

But to get the best sedation dentist you need to ask a few imperative questions, as trust us: you want the best in the business. They have the skills, experience and compassion to ensure any anxieties you have are alleviated long before – and after – you come in for your procedure.

These are the questions to ask the expert:

1. How long have you been providing this service?

Despite being a relatively new dental procedure, you want to be sure that the professional has years of experience in the field. The best sleep dentist Melbourne has will have the skills and experience to know exactly how you’re feeling and dispel any fears through their knowledge.

So, the first thing to ask your prospective professional is this: “how long have you been providing this service?” They should be able to tell you that they have a few years of experience in providing this imperative dental procedure because, let’s face it, who wants to receive this treatment from someone who doesn’t have the experience to truly alleviate any fear you have about it?

2. Can you provide me with testimonials?

Sure, your potential expert has a wealth of content on their site saying things like, “oh we’re the best in the area” and “we have a reputation for providing the best service?” But who is this “best reputation” coming from? You should be able to ask for testimonials from satisfied clients who, like yourself, may have been worried about this treatment before being completely satisfied with the outcome!

So, when you hold your consultation, be sure to ask the prospective expert if they have some references from happy patients who would/will be more than happy to return to their clinic in the future!

3. Will I have much downtime after the procedure?

Your prospective expert shouldn’t provide you with any unrealistic ideas about post-treatment downtime: there will be a little bit of it. They should tell you that you will likely awake a little disoriented after your procedure as this is perfectly normal.

They will likely also request that you have a friend or loved one pick you up after the procedure as it can be unsafe to try and get yourself home after this kind of treatment. Finally, depending on the nature of your procedure, they may also request that you spend some time recuperating on the couch, especially if it is taking a while to get back into the swing of things.

4. When can we book me in?

Because you want your dental issue dealt with ASAP, obviously! And with something as worthwhile as sedation dentistry, there is no need to allow your past-anxieties or phobias to put you off receiving the treatment as soon as possible.

So, be sure to ask when you can be booked in, especially to see if the professional has the time to perform this treatment soon – you might not be able to wait too long if the issue is giving you serious grief!

So, be sure to ask your dentist these specific questions as they will help you ensure they are the right person for the job!


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