Improve Your Health And Physical Performance!

Health And Physical Performance

We are constantly working towards finding ways to improve the condition of our health and wellbeing. There are several methodologies that now exist which promise a better way of life. In these new ways of making your body more healthy and resilient to injury recovery and general performance, an old but fairly novel in terms of people knowledge on is Massage & Training. Massage and training are together a unique blend of treatment and training services which help the body recover faster from injuries and improve physical strength.

Such Massage & Training is imparted by different means such as martial arts, functional strength training etc. depending on the physical goals and the physical attributes of an individual, a specific type of massage and training are selected a treatment is designed accordingly.

Various kinds of Massage and Training for rehabilitation and health 

Remedial Massage Therapy – The remedial massage therapy is a technique of massage which helps to manage any muscular pain. It is a very effective therapy which is widely used to treat and prevent any musculoskeletal pain. This therapy is a non-invasive technique to release musculoskeletal pain and improve tissue healing.

Strength and Conditioning Training- this is a form of strength training which improves the performance of physical activities such as running, it protects from any physical injury and helps in rehabilitation. This training improves functional strength and makes the body very flexible. This kind of a training has benefits such as improvement in physical strength, make the body help reduce any sports-related injury, improve the functional strength of the body, improve performance during athletic competitions, improve body balance and posture, decrease any severe muscular aches and help the body recover faster during an injury.

Chinese Martial Arts Training – Chinese martial arts are a 300-year-old tradition. It has short, effective movements. This kind of a training helps in self-defence. This technique is a very simple one and can be learnt by anybody as it does not require great fitness. In this training, the individuals are taught the movement concepts which the individuals can use to understand their own way of the exercise. This training helps individuals understand their bodies in a much better manner and help them identify their body limitations and go beyond them. This training includes coordination drills, sensitivity to touch training and meditation techniques. The benefits of this form are it teaches self-defence, improves fitness and well-being, improves body coordination, inculcates self-discipline and helps to focus on activities.

Tai Chi Training – this is also a form of martial arts which aims at relaxing the body. The form is such that it aligns the body properly and uses push hands technique for body movement.  Tai Chi can be learnt by people of all ages. It helps the body de-stress, relax while not straining it too much. Tai Chi improves blood circulation, improves coordination and helps the mind focus better.

Boxing and Muai Thai – This is a boxing form of Thailand which is traditional. It involves boxing and different forms of weight lifting that makes the body gain strength, improves fitness, improves heart function as well as improves self-defence.

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