Hair Loss- What Are the Possible Causes?

Hair Loss

You should not be concerned if you lose some hair from time to time. However, if you begin to lose significant amounts in a short period, you should have a professional look at your issue. Both males and females are usually at risk of hair loss caused by baldness or other reasons. This is devastating for you, regardless of your age. Dr. Martin Maag in Lakewood Ranch is your reliable specialist if you are a hair loss victim. Here are the possible causes:


This only applies to women a short time after giving birth. The good thing is that it will go back to normal condition after the level of estrogen is restored. This takes about one year or less to resolve. You can use hair products like shampoo and conditioners that will facilitate restoration.


You are at risk of experiencing hair loss if there has been a member of your family with the same issue. It is also the most common reason for shedding hair and occurs gradually as you age. Baldness starts with receding hairline in men and thinning of hairs in women. Hair loss caused by genetic factors has a predictable pattern.

Medical conditions

You could have a condition that causes hair loss, among other negative impacts. Hair loss due to hormonal changes or existing medical conditions may be either temporary or permanent. Conditions that cause shedding of hair include infections and immune-related issues.

Medications and supplements

Specific medications are known to cause hair loss as a side effect. These include cancer, arthritis, heart problems, and high blood pressure medications. You should speak to your doctor for a change of medications if you suspect they could be the cause of your problem.


Very few people are aware of this, but you could be at risk of losing your hair because of the style. Pigtails, cornrows, and other styles that pull hair might cause hair loss. This is known as traction alopecia. Hair treatments like hot-oil are also known to have the same effect. There are chances that hair loss could be permanent.

Nutrition deficiencies

Experts recommend that we observe a balanced diet for the overall health of our bodies. This includes the well-being of your hair as well. Your hair loss could occur because you are missing essential nutrients such as proteins and iron. The doctor will perform a blood test to determine whether your condition is caused by nutrient deficiency.

Birth control pills

You may start to observe the shedding of hair a few weeks or months after you begin or stop taking birth control pills. If this happens to you, you should speak to the doctor for an alternative form of contraceptive. This could include a non-hormonal birth control option.

If you experience hair loss due to one of the conditions mentioned above, you should seek professional help to restore your appearance. After treatment, you will have an improved hairline, restored growth, fuller hair, and boosted confidence. Book an appointment today with Honest Hair Restoration to discuss the most appropriate treatment option.

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