Here is Why Tooth Extraction Can be Necessary

Tooth Extraction

Everybody wants to enjoy a natural smile for life. But sometimes, your teeth can become compromised beyond saving, leading to a need for extraction. However, no need to worry as Pembroke Pines extractions specialists agree that there are several tooth replacement options to give you the similar natural smile you desire. It is not a good idea to lose your permanent teeth meant to last a lifetime, but it can be necessary for some situations. Here are some reasons you might have your teeth extracted. Have a look.

Damaged Tooth Beyond Repair

Tooth decay can destroy your tooth beyond repair, and the only option is to remove the tooth to avoid further complications. That is why it is crucial not to ignore tooth decay, as it can advance over time until the effects caused are irreversible. This mainly occurs when the decay reaches the pulp, which is the innermost part of your tooth. Decay produces bacteria which may cause infection when it invades the pulp. Although the infection can be managed through a root canal, extractions could be the only way to stop the infection from spreading. Your provider will evaluate your situation to know the best action to take.

Severe Periodontal Disease

While the earliest stage of periodontal disease can be managed through conservative treatments, an extraction might be needed when the condition is severe. The disease is an infection that affects the gums, alveolar bone, periodontal ligaments, and other structures around the teeth. It results from the development of bacteria from a dental plaque that forms a while after eating without brushing. The condition itself can lead to tooth loss and deteriorate the health of your gums which can be restored through an extraction.

Helping Impacted Teeth

This mainly happens with the last set of teeth to develop in your mouth. As the wisdom teeth erupt from the gums, they can be prevented from coming out by other teeth, or the gums may not erupt fully. This can cause painful symptoms as it affects the gums and other teeth. The most effective way to relieve such symptoms is through an extraction to lower the chances of infection and overcrowding in your mouth. Impacted teeth could mean there is not enough space in your gums for other teeth and hence the need to eliminate the erupting ones.

Eliminate Overcrowding

Sometimes you can experience overcrowding in your mouth which can cause several complications like bite issues and affect your facial appearance. You might also experience misalignment, and you have to undergo orthodontic treatment, but there is not enough room for your teeth to realign. It will be necessary to extract some teeth, to allow space for the teeth to move and fit as you desire.

Experiencing Severe Trauma and Injury

When serious accidents happen, like being involved in a car accident, you might incur severe injuries, including in your teeth. Depending on how dreadful the injury is, an extraction may be required. Your provider may first try to preserve your teeth through crowns, dental bonding, or bridges, but extraction is suitable, especially where a tooth is severely cracked, chipped, or broken.

If you are experiencing these issues or other complications you think can be eliminated through an extraction, reach out to 601 Dental Studio PA today. Your provider will examine your teeth and overall well-being to help you know if extraction is right for you.


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