Optimising Your Treatment: 5 Tips For Cosmetic Dentistry Care

Dentistry Care

Cosmetic dental treatments can be the ultimate way to invigorate your smile. They have the potential to fix any issues you may be having with your teeth, bite or gums, providing your mouth with a new aesthetic that can reinvigorate your confidence in your smile.

But to ensure you get the best results from your treatment you must follow some aftercare tips. After all, dental work is an ongoing process that continues once you have left the clinic, so be sure to follow these five practices to optimise your smile:

Keep a regular brushing/flossing schedule

The best cosmetic dentistry Melbourne has will create something brand new and exciting – but you have to maintain healthy dental habits once you leave the clinic. This tip is especially vital for crowns and veneers, as they will keep them from decaying.

What’s more, it will remove any plaque and other unwanted dental buildup that could reduce your treatment’s positive effects. For these reasons, you should brush twice daily and keep a consistent flossing schedule – it’s the first step in maintaining that stunning dental treatment!

Avoid super hot foods

Hot food can damage crows, veneers and other new treatments. What’s more, your teeth may be sensitive after your treatment, so the last thing you will want is some crazy hot soup not only damaging your new treatment but also giving you a lot of pain to think about in the process!

So, we recommend avoiding super hot foods in the days after your treatment, just until you feel comfortable with them touching your new treatment and you don’t feel any pain afterwards.

Try to avoid dyed beverages

Dyed beverages like coffee, cola and wine are infamous for discolouring the teeth at the best of times, so imagine what they can do to your new veneers! Therefore, we always recommend avoiding dyed beverages in the early stages of post-treatment care, especially as they could discolour your new treatment and reduce some of their positive effects.

You should ask your dentist what beverages (and food for that matter!) you can have it in the post-treatment phase. And, if you must have a cheeky wine with your friend on Friday, maybe consider drinking it through a straw, as this will bypass the teeth and, consequently, your new treatment!

Avoid hard foods

Just like dyed beverages discolouring your teeth, hard foods can actually lead to chips and other abrasions to your new treatment. Hard foods – like that of candies and popcorn (think the kernels!) – are one of the fastest ways to damage a new aesthetic treatment, so avoid them as you would hot foods.

Have a rest!

If you are experiencing a little discomfort after your treatment then you should take some time to rest. After all, it’s not every day we undergo a new dental treatment, and we should allow ourselves some time to rest and recuperate if need be.

You don’t have to go rushing back to your daily routine, and instead allow yourself a few hours (or a couple of days!) to rest up, relax and catch up on your favourite series – it could make a huge difference in your recovery process!

So, be sure to follow these post-treatment care tips. They will go a long way to ensuring you get the best out of your recovery, and will not be weighed down by any unfortunate incidents (think candy chipping your veneer!).

Finally, be sure to head back to your dentist for checkups – they will ensure your post-treatment care is going perfectly!


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