The Benefits Of Power Yoga


There are many different types of yoga, but one style that is becoming increasingly popular is power yoga. Power yoga is a more physically demanding, vigorous approach to vinyasa yoga. It was closely modeled on Ashtanga yoga. It incorporates the famed athleticism of Ashtanga yoga, including many vinyasas (sequential poses) while allowing the teacher to change up the order of sequences according to his goals for the session. Power yoga sessions are never the same. Power yoga emphasises strength and flexibility and for this reason, has become very popular in gyms across the United States.

Power yoga develops endurance, flexibility, mental focus and posture. As with many exercises, it also eases stress and releases toxins as you sweat. The rigour of power yoga helps the body burn calories and lose weight. Indeed, it is perhaps the most rigorous form of yoga around.

Power yoga requires a modicum of fitness, so if you are in poor shape, its intensive asanas (poses) may be harmful to you.

If you are pregnant, some asanas may lead to complications. You are better advised to take prenatal yoga classes.

If you suffer from arthritis, diabetes or some other chronic ailment, consult a doctor before taking up power yoga.

The Benefits of Power Yoga

Cardiovascular Health

Research shows that power yoga can increase heart rate and skin temperature for sustained periods. The consequence of elevated heart rates is that blood and oxygen circulate more effectively across the body, improving fitness, endurance and overall physical health. The research also showed that power yoga helps in reducing weight.

Power yoga can also help in reducing high blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol and the risk of diabetes, heart disease, and strokes. It is also beneficial in increasing energy levels, the quality of sleep, and thinking. Furthermore, power yoga develops your heart and lung muscles and develops bone density and the muscles.


Power yoga sessions are faster-paced than many other yoga sessions. However, you still get to hold poses for one minute or much longer. Holding a position for long periods works the muscles as they try to maintain the pose. This is a fantastic way to build endurance and strength across the body.


A study was conducted in 2016 on the effects of having two sessions of power yoga a week on patient’s suffering from mild to moderate Parkinson’s disease. It found that power yoga reduced bradykinesia and rigidity, while also increasing power and muscle strength. It concluded that power yoga is an effective training method for improving physical functions and quality of life.

Managing Weight and Obesity

Power yoga is incredibly effective at burning calories, and reducing weight. Burning calories goes beyond power yoga sessions: by improving strength and muscle tone, your body burns calories even outside of power yoga class.

In 2013, researchers found that yoga not only helps manage conditions comorbid with overweight and obesity, for instance, low back pain, it also helps with weight loss and maintenance of reduced weight beyond that. This is because: (a) yoga forces you to expend a lot of energy during sessions; (b) it allows practitioners to do other exercises outside yoga by reducing joint and back pain; (c) it heightens mindfulness, improves mood, and reduces stress, which are important in reducing food intake; and (d) improves the connection people have with their body, making them more aware of when they are full and of the discomfort overeating causes.

After a session of power yoga, you can treat yourself to a session at a Med Spa and celebrate your path to great health and looking good.


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