Trump and Joe Biden’s Final Debate will be Tomorrow

Trump (2)

The final debate between US presidential candidates Donald Trump and Joe Biden will take place tomorrow.


President Trump says the option to silence candidates is unfair. He called the host biased.


On the other hand, in support of Democrat Joe Biden, former President Obama has given a smoky speech in which he has sharply criticized President Trump.


On the other hand, US President Donald Trump has said that if Joe loses the election to Biden, he will leave the country.


Speaking to supporters in Georgia, President Trump said, “My opponent is Biden, the worst candidate in the US presidential election. I would not like losing Biden at all and I would probably leave the United States.”


It should be noted that voting for the presidential election will be held on November 3 in the United States.


Any candidate for the presidency of the United States needs the support of 270 or more of the 538 electors.


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