Understanding the Facts Behind Dentures


Dentures are preferable since they resemble and feel like natural teeth. If you are afraid to flaunt your smile due to missing or decayed teeth, you can revitalize and bring a sparkle to your teeth with effective treatments. To get the most of your dentures in Waterford, look no further than Dr. Taylor’s Family Dental Center. Contact the team today to benefit from the latest dental technology that guarantees a winning smile.

What are Dentures?

Dentures are extractable replacement teeth. They are made from acrylic resin, nylon, and occasionally certain metals to replace some or all of your teeth. Dentures are therefore ideal if you are missing a tooth or more.

Types of dentures

At Dr. Taylor’s Family Dental Center, patients can receive numerous types of dentures such as:

  •       Complete Dentures

Complete dentures refer to a treatment that replaces all the teeth in your mouth in case of missing or severely decayed teeth.

  •       Partial Dentures

Suppose you still have some healthy natural teeth; your provider recommends partial dentures to fill gaps and revive your ability to chew with ease.

  •       Immediate Dentures

In this case, the team designs your complete dentures immediately after your mouth heals fully from tooth extraction. Here, your providers take exact measurements of your mouth to facilitate their instant placement after extracting your teeth.

  •       Overdentures

Overdentures can provide your mouth additional stability by fitting over certain dental implants or missing teeth.

What Happens During the Placement of Dentures?

Placing dentures is a gradual process that can last about a month and five appointments. Dr. Taylor understands that correctly setting dentures demands experience and skill. To that end, Dr. Taylor’s Family Dental Center has offered over 10,000 successful dentures to patients.

In the first step, your doctor removes any severely impacted or decayed teeth from your mouth. Most dentures treatments require the team to wait for your mouth to heal before taking images and a wax bite of your mouth.

This move ensures your impressions are as precise as possible since your gums are usually swollen immediately after tooth extraction. Later, you will receive “try-in” dentures to examine the proper fit, color, and shape for you. Your custom-made dentures are then placed on your last appointment.

After Care Guidelines

Most types of dentures last almost 5-7 months before any replacement or adjustment is necessary. You can extend your dentures’ lifespan by taking good care of them. Always remember to rinse and brush your dentures after removing them to expel plaque and bacteria. Similarly, gently brush your gums after eating to avoid gum disease.

Most individuals with dentures suffer jawbone loss and receding gums because they no longer have natural teeth and roots in place. With time, this condition may lead to loose-fitting dentures that feel uncomfortable on your gums.

That said, it would be best that you schedule regular dental exams with the specialists at Dr. Taylor’s Family Dental Center. During your visits, your dentist can assess the fit of your dentures and make relevant adjustments.

A charming smile contributes tremendously to your self-confidence and image. If you seek to adopt dentures to realize your aesthetic goals, Dr. Taylor’s Family Dental Center specialists have all the solutions you need. Call the office or book online.


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