Improve Your Appearance Through Tooth Replacement

Tooth Replacement

Losing your tooth can create a negative impact on your life. The gap in your mouth affects teeth alignment, your appearance, and your confidence. If a missing tooth is not replaced, it can cause several problems with time. There is good news since your Campbell tooth replacement specialists at Ueno Center Dental Specialists can help restore your natural look.

What causes tooth loss?

Your tooth loss can be caused by many factors such as:

Lack of good oral hygiene

Suppose you fail to practice general oral hygiene, brushing your teeth as required and flossing causes dental plaque to develop around your teeth. This plaque becomes hard to remove with your toothbrush and with time, they cause periodontal disease, which affects both your ligaments and gum. If not treated, it leads to lost teeth.


Various accidents can cause tooth loss depending on the severity of the accident. These include car accidents, sports accidents, falls, fights, and bike accidents.

Poor eating habits

Eating food that is high in acidity and sugar contributes a lot to tooth decay. The cavities affect your tooth enamel, dentin, and pulp. If cavities are left untreated, it causes pain and, in the end, tooth loss.

Negative behaviors

Some bad behavior like smoking and tooth grinding can lead to tooth loss. Smoking causes gum disease, which goes unnoticed, which later leads to tooth loss. If you are a regular teeth grinder, it will cause your teeth to wear down with time, loosen, and eventually result in tooth loss.

Other health conditions

If you have health issues like diabetes type 2, you are at high risk of losing your teeth.

Different options for tooth replacement

When you go for tooth replacement, your dentist will share the various options available to replace your tooth and help you choose the suitable option for your need. These options include:

Dental implants

Your dentist will recommend this type of replacement if you are looking forward to having a permanent solution of either multiple or a single tooth in different areas. The replacement feels and looks like your natural tooth and it supports itself. Therefore, your adjacent teeth remain intact. The process takes a longer time to complete because of the steps involved.

Tooth-supported bridge

During this procedure, your dentist will use your existing teeth to assist the bridge placement by placing a crown on your teeth next to the missing ones and cement it into place. Your dentist will be through with the process after a few visits.


Your dentist will recommend a flipper tooth replacement if you want an easy and cheap option to replace your missing tooth. A flipper does not have metal clasps and does not need support from the neighboring teeth. You can fix it in and out of its position.

Implant-supported bridge

If you have multiple missing teeth in a row, your dentist will recommend an implant-supported bridge as a solution for your missing teeth. The procedure uses implants to hold the teeth at the two ends. No screws are used on the middle teeth. The replaced teeth have a natural look.

If you are looking forward to improving your appearance and regain confidence, call or book an appointment online with Ueno Center Dental Specialists.


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