What are the Major Health Benefits of Circumcision?


Many people are of the opinion that male circumcision is a barbaric and unnecessary act. However, there are numerous proven health benefits that can lower your chances of getting certain diseases and improve your overall quality of life. If you’ve been thinking about getting circumcised, then it is advised to consult a Circumcision Urologist Brooklyn.

Let us now go over the major health benefits of being circumcised in more detail below.

  1. Easier hygiene

Since there is no foreskin to take care of, the area under the penis tends to stay cleaner. You will not have to strip the skin back, pull out the inner lining, and rinse it off with water after urinating. So, maintaining hygiene is not a complicated affair after circumcision. This saves you a lot of precious time that can be used for other productive purposes as well.

  1. Reduced risk of urinary tract infections

Most males will not have to worry about urinary tract infections from urinating if they are circumcised. Since the foreskin is ripped off during the procedure, there will be no chance of bacteria breeding in the area. The risk of UTI is considerably reduced and you can ensure that your urinary system stays in a healthy state if you are circumcised.

  1. Decreased risk of sexually transmitted infections

The inner lining of the foreskin is home to a variety of harmful microorganisms that can cause infection. However, if you have been circumcised, you will not be exposed to these diseases that can be passed on during sexual intercourse. As a result, you will also not have to worry about some sexually transmitted diseases, such as HIV and HPV.

  1. Prevention of penile problems

There are many types of penile problems that you might develop as you grow older. For example, disorders such as Peyronie’s disease and penile curvature can occur as a result of a weakened immune system. It is important to know that these disorders cannot be cured by surgery, and they tend to occur with increasing age. However, if you have been circumcised, you will not have to worry about developing such conditions since the foreskin will not be there.

  1. Decreased risk of penile cancer

Penile cancer occurs when the cells of the skin start to rapidly reproduce. Without the foreskin, this is not possible, and the risk of penile cancer can be reduced. Medical professionals believe that penile cancer can be prevented by getting circumcised at a young age to give the body adequate time to develop an immune system that is strong enough to fight off such diseases.


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