How Gynecomastia can be treated or what or men’ breast reduction


For men, enlarged breasts, the so-called “feminine male breasts” are usually psychologically burdensome. Many patients are embarrassed to bare their torso, for them this can be a great test.

One of the issues we decided to write about it is this post dedicated to “man boobs reduction” by Bodypass.

Fear of ridicule and bullying of others may interfere with a normal life.

Nobody wants to talk about it especially; most men are very embarrassed about their problem and hide it in every possible way: they don’t visit pools and saunas, don’t wear T-shirts, and they also feel awkward in intimate moments.

Who cares about breast reduction?

For men who suffer from a pronounced feminine breast (gynecomastia), surgical breast reduction can significantly improve the appearance of the torso.

Regardless of whether it is “true” gynecomastia (an increase in breast tissue growth) or simple excess fat deposition, breast reduction is often an appropriate way to achieve a harmonious body contour.

Before you decide on a gynecomastia operation, medical specialists will consider your individual situation and answer all your questions during the consultation.

Breast reduction in men – surgery process

Usually operation lasts 1.5 hours.

With a small breast, surgery can be performed under local anesthesia in conjunction with sedation, in some cases, only suction of fat is sufficient.

With true gynecomastia, if breast removal is necessary, they are removed through a small incision along the lower edge of the nipple, if necessary, removed tissue is sent for histological examination.

The suction of fat helps to evenly reduce excess skin and returns the breast to its natural shape and appearance. If the chest was originally very large, then an additional skin tightening is necessary.

Clinical operation almost does not leave scars and is the standard throughout the world.

After breast reduction surgery

Depending on the scope of the operation, drainage is possible. After the operation, a compression vest is worn, which must be worn for 4 weeks.

Suture material is removed after 2 weeks. After the operation, edema forms, which can last for several weeks.

Patient should plan a one-week vacation and avoid heavy physical exertion and athletic activity for 4 weeks. The results of the gynecomastia operation can be evaluated in most cases after 3 months.

The result of breast reduction in men

With the help of breast reduction, one can achieve excellent aesthetic results to restore the appearance of the male breast.

This long-term improvement in appearance can significantly give strength and self-confidence to most men.

Since scars are usually barely noticeable, there is no need to explain to others the consequences of postoperative scars.

We hope that we managed to share the light on how to get rid of man boobs and you will not need to search for the answer from non-trusted sites.


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