What Steps To Take After A Construction Site Accident- Syracuse

Construction Site Accident

A construction site is a challenging place to work at. It is a career in which you may get injured now and then; bruises and cuts become a part of your job. High-risk materials, heavy equipment, high elevations, electrical hazards are some examples of the everyday risks that it entails. If you are a victim of a construction site accident, you can take the help of a Syracuse construction accident lawyer who will make sure you get fair justice.

After you or your loved one encounter an accident on a construction site, here are some mindful steps to take:

Seek Medical care:

First thing first, after the accident, get medical help at the earliest. If you are in a stable position, call 911 right away or let a coworker assist you in doing so. Some injuries aren’t noticed at first but aggravate as time passes, like head, neck, and spinal injury. There is no better person than a doctor to assess the injuries and decide if they are minor or severe. Then you should have yourself medically examined and get the documents ready. These medical records will help you in claiming your workers’ compensation.

Report the incident:

Many workers do not report the accident out of fear of losing their job or getting no help. But, you should always record these things for yourself and report them to your seniors. Documenting the report is also essential as this may come in handy for legal investigating in the future.

Collect evidence:

Evidence is the foundation of any case. So, it is crucial to collect as much evidence as possible and get witnesses involved, if any. As proof, take pictures of the scene, injury, and damage that happened to you. All this helps build up a solid case, a lawyer can help you out further.

Get an experienced lawyer:

Getting a solid workers’ compensation claim or personal injury damage can be tricky. If your injury appears to have resulted from workplace negligence, your employer may attempt to minimize your claim or deny benefits outright. It is advisable to retain legal counsel to streamline and build your claim in severe injury cases.

Claim compensation:

After the aforesaid steps, now is the time to claim your compensation. The lawyer who represents you will make sure your claims and evidence are strong enough to help you make a successful financial claim.


After all the tedious legal procedure, you are bound to feel physically and mentally drained. And you are already injured on top of that. Seek medical aid and focus on your recovery. You can avail many services that you may use while on recovery, like counseling, surgery, physiotherapy, etc.


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