Why it is Critical to Seek Geriatric Care

Geriatric Care

As you get older, your risks for chronic pain, disease, and illnesses increase. Fortunately, geriatric care is a health and wellness care dedicated to the elderly. Therefore, you do not have to be anxious about advancing in age. With expert providers such as Sudha Challa, MD, who offer geriatric in Chamblee at Lenox Medical Clinic, the specialized health attention you need is guaranteed. This will help you attain and preserve optimal health and wellness in your old age. But why is it so essential to have genetic care? Here is how you can benefit from the care:

You Get Support Against Frailty

As you age, functionality declines when your ability to cope up with everyday situations becomes compromised. You experience low energy, low grip strength, low physical activity, slow walking, and unintentional weight loss. But with geriatric care, your provider will help you anticipate the issues and create a suitable care plan for you. This will help you go through this inevitable part of aging in a better way.

Multiple Medical Problems Management

As mentioned earlier, your risk for complications, including severe ones, increases as you age. Therefore, you can find yourself managing multiple medical issues such as diabetes, heart disease, neurological complications, and arthritis at the same time. This can be hectic and may significantly lower the quality of your life. But through geriatric care, the experts have specialized expertise and understand how the conditions interact together. So, managing the issues can be improved, boosting your life’s quality.

Get Help with Multiple Medications

With multiple health complications, you will require numerous medications. When older, your body will process medicines differently than while you were young, and you may experience some side effects as a result. That is why you need geriatric care, where your provider will identify the particular symptoms and help you manage them. Besides, a geriatrician has specialized training to understand how the medications interact in old age.

Mental Health Care

It is inevitable to lose some cognitive ability. However, you might experience some symptoms indicating some common mental health complications such as Alzheimer’s disease or depression. Therefore, you will need a specially trained practitioner who can differentiate between the typical signs of aging and the symptoms of serious illnesses. A geriatrician specializes in understanding the signs of aging and can recommend appropriate treatment for additional symptoms.

Seek Advice

Geriatric care not only deals with the elderly but also guides and advises the caregivers. At some point in your old age, you will require someone to help you in your everyday living. The task can be stressful, confusing, and exhausting–and the caregiver needs help. Your provider can help you get outside assistance and support from a home aide or a care manager through senior care. After understanding your unique needs, they can identify someone who will understand your condition and offer full support.

It is inevitable that as you age, you will need help at some point. If you feel that you can benefit from geriatric care, or you already have a senior who requires the support, reach out to Dr. Challa at Lenox Medical Clinic to understand more about the medical field. Remember that aging is inevitable and will come with some issues. But there is the hope of leading a healthy and active old-age life.


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