Why Should You Apply for EB1-Visa?- Some Key Facts Revealed

EB-1 visa attorney

Many people from various parts of the world dream of becoming a part of the United States. They try to find different ways so they can obtain entry into this nation. One of the most effective ways is to go for an EB1-Visa because it is the fastest way to realize your dreams as compared to other options. If you believe that you qualify for this, it is a good idea to contact an EB-1 visa attorney in Dallas. He can assess your eligibility and suggest the best option based on it.

Benefits to apply for an EB-1 Visa

One good reason why people apply for this visa is that it does not require sponsorship from the US employer. Secondly, it is the quickest possible way to obtain a visa, work and get settled in the country of your dreams. An aspirant is able to apply for this visa on his or her behalf.

In which fields, the applicant must belong?

It is important that the applicant should fall in the relevant fields that include science, arts, business, athletics or education. There is a great demand for these professionals in the United States. If you belong to any of these fields, it is always a great idea to seek an EB1-visa and contact a suitable immigration attorney because he is well-versed with the immigration laws. Labor certification is not required if you qualify to apply in this category.

Which one should you apply for?

There are majorly two types of visas such as immigration visas or non-immigrations visas. With an EB-1 immigration visa, you will be able to get a green card along with permanent residency status. In another type, you will get a visa on a temporary basis and does not give you a green card.

What requirements should be fulfilled?

While considering your application, majorly three parameters would be considered. One, you should have extraordinary ability in any of the fields including science, arts, business, athletics and education. Second, you will continue working in your field of expertise. Third, your entry to the United States must be beneficial to the nation.

Why contact an attorney?

An attorney can review your document of achievements, resume, current professional status, salary and rewards to evaluate whether you are eligible for an EB-1 visa. To fasten the process, you should contact an immigration lawyer having immense knowledge and experience in this field.


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