Why You Need a Physical Exam Today

Physical Exam

An annual physical exam is one of the best things you can do for your health. This comprehensive physical exam will help you maintain your best possible health throughout your lifetime, and catching a serious illness early can save not only thousands in hospital bills but also countless lives. Dr. Thomas Nguyen offers annual physical exams in Boynton Beach primarily geared towards the elderly. The following are reasons why you should start going for physical exams today:

Catch Diseases Early

Your physical exam can help you catch severe health conditions early when they are easier to treat. The entire point of an annual physical exam is to monitor your overall health and prevent medical emergencies from arising before they’re too late. By having all the necessary tests done in one place, the doctor will see any developing signs of cancer, heart disease, osteoporosis, or other conditions known to be debilitating.

Common Medical Tests Done During an Annual Physical Exam

An annual physical exam will consist of standard medical tests, including blood pressure screenings, urine tests, cholesterol levels scans, skin checks, and EKGs. Blood pressure screenings are used to detect high blood pressure, a sign of heart disease, and urine tests will help detect signs of kidney or liver damage. Cholesterol levels scans are used to determine if you’re at risk for having a heart attack and develop a treatment plan to improve your cholesterol numbers. Skin checks can reveal cancers to be treated early, and an EKG looks for signs of heart disease.

Improve Your Health

A physical exam is also an excellent opportunity for you to receive tips on how to improve your overall health. You will have the chance to talk about any unhealthy habits you have, such as smoking, drinking alcohol, or not exercising enough. Your doctor can devise a plan which will help you quit bad habits and adopt healthy ones that you’ll be able to maintain for years to come.

Prevent Medical Emergencies

An annual physical exam is the best way to prepare yourself for possible medical emergencies, such as heart attacks and strokes. Having regular checkups will help keep your blood pressure under control and prevent conditions that might increase the chances of a cardiovascular event from popping up.

Model of Care for Future Generations

Finally, setting the standard that everyone needs to have an annual physical exam will help prevent medical costs from skyrocketing in the future. It’s estimated that one out of every three Americans over 65 has Alzheimer’s disease, and 1 out of 4 people die from heart problems connected to high blood pressure. Those statistics indicate that people today aren’t taking the necessary steps to ensure their future health, and failing to get an annual physical exam can increase your chances of becoming part of this statistic.

Schedule a physical exam today. You don’t have to get one annually. You can do it more often or whenever necessary. The above is a fraction of the benefits of physical exams. They are essential to everyone and will serve you for years to come.


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