4 Makeup Tips for Looking Younger


There is something to be said for mature beauty. Embracing your beauty as you age is something that every woman should know how to do.

However, most people can admit that there are certain aspects of aging that they would rather do without.

For example, sagging skin and bags under the eyes are some of the aspects of aging that aren’t so easily embraced.

However, the good news is that there are certain makeup tricks that can help you mask parts of aging that you may not feel comfortable with. Take a look at some of the best makeup tips that will make you immediately look younger.

Wear Bright Lipstick

As you get older, your lips can start to lose their plumpness and color. Getting your lips full can be as simple as giving them a blast of color and texture.

One of the best anti-aging tricks out there is applying a liquid matte lipstick slightly over aligning your lip line. Not only will it give your mouth a youthful shape, but the color that it will bring to your entire face well give you a boost of refreshment.

Brighten Under Your Eyes

A lot of women go through their whole lives without needing foundation.  However, as the skin ages, it’s important to start applying foundation. Foundation can help mask everything from age spots to uneven skin tones.

One of those most undesirable parts of aging skin is the lines around and under the eyes. Unfortunately, lines can be overemphasized by applying too much foundation. However, by using the correct brightening method, you can shift the focus to other parts of the face rather than your wrinkles, making you look younger.

Using a breathable concealer, create an upside-down triangle under the eye. Your face will have a light looking glow that will mask the effect of hollowed eyes often brought on by age.

Blush Your Cheeks

Nothing screams youth more than a bashful set of blushing cheeks. The key with blush, however, is not to go too heavy-handed. Applying too much pluck blush can result in looking like a cloud.

Always lightly apply your blush using inappropriate color for your skin tone.  Using too warm of blush can make you look like a cartoon while using too cool of blush can make your cheeks look muddy.

Sculpt Your Brows

Bold brows are in, and overly plucked scarce brows are out. Define your brows every day,  using a brow pencil or light pomade. The goal is to keep them soft and defined rather than overly sculpted.

By aiming for a more natural yet bold look, you’ll steer clear of potentially looking like you’re wearing clown makeup.


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