A Brief Discourse On Thermometer And Its Types

Thermometer And Its Types

Thermometer happens to be one of the most essential instrument that should be present in every household. A rise in temperature is nothing but a manifestation of something else that is going on inside the body. That is why measuring body temperature is the first step to detect the actual health issue that a patient is going through and determine the ideal treatment to help him or her recover.

A thermometer is a device that is used to measure body temperature that is crucial to decide whether one needs immediate medical attention or not. Thermometers primarily use the Fahrenheit or Celsius scales for measuring body temperature.

Prior to purchasing this instrument, however, ensure that you check the reviews and know the features, prices and brands well so that you get the right product at the right digital thermometer price.  There are a variety of thermometers available today. You should purchase the one most suitable for you after proper research so that you get the true value for your money.

A Short History of Thermometer

Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit, the German Physicist (1886-1736) first developed the mercury thermometers that he standardised to the scale that is named after him later on. Anders Celsius, the Swedish astronomer (1701-1744) developed the first Celsius thermometer in the year 1742. This was initially known as the Centigrade scale. In the year 1948, the name changed to Celsius scale to honour him.

The actual concept of the thermometer is credited to the celebrated Italian physicist and astronomer, Galileo. Temperature changes within the inverted glass vessel of Galileo’s instrument built in 1592, caused an expansion and contraction of the air contained in it. This resulted in changing the level of liquid that partially filled the open mouthed and long neck of the vessel.

Now that you know about the origin of this device, let’s try and explore the types of thermometers available.

The following are the major types of thermometers.

Types of Thermometers

  • Electronic Digital Thermometers – These are the new-age thermometers. Unlike the erstwhile mercury thermometers these are not prone to easy breakage and they are capable of obtaining the body temperature quite fast. Added to that, the digital display is quite easy to read. Moreover, there is also no risk of mercury or broken glass in this case.
  • Mercury Glass Thermometers – These are very hard to read. They are used to measure temperature in the rectum, under the arm or the ear. However, they are nor recommended these days as they are prone to easy breakage releasing toxic materials.
  • Infrared Thermometers – These primarily measure the heat generated by the cavities and the surfaces. The speed at which this can display the body temperature is the primary advantage of this type of thermometer.
  • Infrared Forehead thermometers – This type of thermometer determines the temperature on the basis of the temperature of the forehead. This actually measures the infrared energy emitted from the forehead skin and that of the surrounding tissues. The lens collects the energy and converts it to a temperature value. Forehead temperatures are detected from a distance or by touching the forehead.
  • Infrared Ear Thermometers –These thermometers work by measuring the heat which is generated from the eardrum and the tissues surrounding it. These depict the precise temperature on a digital display within just a few seconds.

Among the types mentioned above the digital thermometer is considered to be the most accurate one. Based on usage and accuracy you should choose the right thermometer for yourself. Just make sure that you purchase the instrument from a reputed store of medical equipment online shopping in India where you will get authentic products at affordable price.


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