Neuromusculoskeletal Medicine: A Hands-on Approach to Healthcare

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West New York, NJ neuromusculoskeletal medicine(NMM), uses hands-on, osteopathic evaluation and manipulative medicine for treating patients’ conditions.  Doctors who specialize in this field concentrate on the relationship between your health and the neuromusculoskeletal system, which includes the spine, skull, nerves, muscles, and bones. The holistic approach of NMM makes sure the entire body and its interconnected processes are conserved during medical treatment.  

All systems in the body are connected and neuromusculoskeletal medicine makes sure all of the elements within the systems work properly to help with overall health. Osteopathic manipulative medicine lets NMM doctors treat the body without depending only on medication. 

Who Must Visit a Neuromusculoskeletal Medicine Doctor?

Anyone can visit an NMM doctor for different medical conditions. But, those who can benefit most from this visit are those who want a hands-on approach to healthcare to promote natural healing inside the body. Those who need routine medical care or require ongoing care for their disorder or disease should see an NMM doctor. Also, people who develop symptoms or conditions like acute or chronic pain, sore throat, abnormal fatigue, colic, digestive issues, difficulty urinating, and frequent headaches. 

Benefits of NMM

NMM treats a variety of conditions as well as relieves pain, promotes internal body healing, and restores motion and flexibility. With the hands-on approach, the body can gain many benefits in ways traditional medicine cannot offer. 

Your NMM team will make use of techniques like soft tissue massage, myofascial release, strain and counterstrain therapy, and craniosacral therapy to help patients achieve their health goals. Also, your doctor can use other kinds of treatments like medications if these techniques won’t fully heal you. For serious cases, they may refer patients to specialists including surgeons. 

If you or someone you love is suffering from a disorder and are looking for relief, an NMM doctor may be able to help. The doctor will assess your situation, offer a thorough diagnosis, and come up with a customized treatment plan to help you return to your normal life that is free of pain.  

Conditions an NMM Doctor Can Treat

An NMM doctor can treat a variety of diseases and conditions such as chronic pain including migraine headache, back pain, neck pain, stomach pain, and others. Also, they can successfully treat digestive tract conditions, genitourinary conditions, infections, musculoskeletal conditions, behavioral, mental, and emotional conditions, as well as respiratory conditions. They can order or perform different diagnostic and screening tests to determine a patient’s health issue including general health tests, cancer screening, imaging tests, physical exams, and mental health screening. 


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