Anxiety and mental health – how students can cope with it?

mental health

Students from schools and colleges face a lot of problems and difficulties that eventually impact their mental health. Normally students suffer from a disturbed state of mind, and they are ignored for that. According to the study of the American College Health Association, the majority of the students have gone through “overwhelming anxiety.” A study of the National College Health Assessment shows that in the US, 63% of college students experienced overwhelming anxiety. Following this, the overwhelming anxiety is associated with difficulty in functioning, meaning that students with such mental conditions cannot function and focus as best as they can while in a stable condition. This is an increasing issue throughout the world. To cope up with this alarming issue is a great challenge.

Reasons behind the overwhelming anxiety

There have been studies that demonstrate the peak of anxiety among the students. Usually, students are anxious in the first term or year of the college. Their anxiety is high during this time, and which might also add depression and stress.Read more

There are many factors responsible for elevating the anxiety risk among the students. For instance:

  • Students who sometimes are disconnected from their academics or too much in stress are prone to acquire physiological distress.
  • The anxiety can also occur due to excessive caffeine consumption in order to hold up all night to study for an exam and accomplish assignments or projects. This is associated with increased anxiety in high school or college students.
  • Students might not be able to understand some intricate subjects and find themselves less competitive than others in their class, which makes them feel outcast.
  • Loneliness is also the main factor that some students might face. Due to their conservative nature, students are ignored quite often, and they feel lonely.
  • Family problems can also be the reason behind this.

Remaining in stress can have deleterious effects on one’s health. Consistent stress, if not dealt with, can lead you to release a high level of cortisol and adrenaline, which leads to increased blood pressure and eventually, the increased heart rate. Other side effects of stress are diabetes, heart disease, depression, fear, obesity, and unwillingness to learn to change the behavior – terminology used for such effect caused by the stress is “toxic stress”.

How to cope up with this problem?

Seek help for your studies discussed earlier; if the stress is triggered due to academic issues, students might lose their self-esteem and confidence. For coping with this issue, one can seek help from people who are experts at subjects and can help students delineate their problems. There are many efficient High School tutors, who can easily help the students in their difficult situation.

  • Don’t ignore your mental status.

Students might feel lethargic and unwilling to go out for school to avoid interaction with people while playing hide and seek with themselves. This would bound them even more. Staying at bed all day or consuming antidepressant pills is not the solution at all! One can practice small things to help them cope with this situation. If you think you can reach the authorities, like your teacher or professor, or any senior you think can help you – Communicate. Either reach them by email or talk to them in person, but expel it out in a polite manner and discuss your problem with them. They can be lenient.

  • Care about yourself

Our body system is not only dependent upon our thoughts but also our living habits. Students who suffer should take an active part in exercise, a healthy diet, and try to stay with people who comfort them, not with the ones who let them down. Triggering activeness through caffeine is also not a good idea! Try avoiding all such things. Maintain your sleep and take care of your hygiene. Look for good friends and company and try to reach out to those who have suffered from similar problems, and now, after successfully coping up with this problem, they are living a stress-free life.


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