How to Deal With Back and Neck Pain

Neck Pain

Back pain may come and go after a few days or weeks, but some people may experience pain that persists for long despite home remedies and over-the-counter medications. Though it may be caused by a less severe issue such as the strain of muscles, neck and back pain may be caused by an autoimmune disorder, a problem with blood vessels, or an injury to the spinal code. If you feel persistent pain that interferes with your daily life, you should seek help from the specialists of neck and back pain in Mason at Elite Physical Medicine. You will be diagnosed and offered a personalized treatment plan to do away with the pain.

When should I see the doctor for back and neck pain?

Visit your doctor immediately if your pain occurs due to a traumatic injury from an accident or fall. It is vital to see your doctor and establish whether the pain occurs due to a severe case like a bone fracture. If your back and neck pain is not due to a traumatic injury, you should note other signs. Some cases of neck and back pain are not severe, but some may indicate life-threatening situations. Visit your doctor if your pain:

  •   Interferers with your daily activities, including sleep
  •   Persists for several weeks despite home remedies
  •   Is accompanied by a tingling sensation
  •   Is accompanied by issues with bowel and urinary control

What is the difference between chronic and acute back pain?

It can be impossible to differentiate between acute back pain and chronic pain, but time will tell. Acute back pain is usually accompanied by sudden burning or aching pain. It can be relieved after two weeks with some home remedies such as cold and heat therapy and over-the-counter drugs. But with chronic pain, you experience sudden symptoms or gradually develop over time. Chronic pain symptoms usually last for over six weeks or reoccur. Remember, talking to your doctor does not mean you want surgery; they will provide you with the appropriate options.

How does nerve block work?

Nerve block works by interfering with signals between the nerves and the brain. Your doctor may inject you with local anesthesia on a particular nerve or group of nerve endings. Your doctor may also destroy or cut the nerve to stop pain signals.

How should I prepare for an appointment?

It is crucial to prepare for your doctor’s appointment for back and neck pain. This reduces anxiety and ensures that you benefit from the appointment. It would help if you prepared by:

  •   Noting the general feeling of the pain; is it sharp, burning, or dull?
  •   Noting where the pain is located; either a specific place or widespread.
  •   Being ready to describe if the pain is constant or intermittent.
  •   Taking note of when it occurred.
  •   Putting down general symptoms such as burning, numbness, tingling, or hotness.
  •   Putting down any medications you have tried to use as a relief.

This preparation helps prevent inaccurate diagnosis, and your doctor will achieve the right treatment. Do not brush off any sign of pain that seems to give you problems. If you have experienced back and neck pain, book an appointment with your doctor at Elite Physical Medicine.


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