The Primary Reasons for Breast Lifts

Breast Lifts

Every woman can experience sagging breasts, including teenage girls. According to research, there is no set age that a woman is supposed to experience sagging breasts. The leading causes of breast sagging are genetics, overall health, lifestyle choice, and birth. However, you do not have to worry if your breasts are sagging. Breast lifting is a procedure you can undergo to reshape and decrease the length of your breasts. This procedure can be either surgical or non-surgical. Book an appointment with specialists for breast lift in East Windsor since they are the best in cosmetic services.

The top reasons for breast lifting

Many reasons can make you undergo a breast lift. Breast lifting only offers cosmetic benefits but not health benefits. Some of the reasons include:

  • To restore the shape of the breasts. After giving birth, the breast muscles become weak. The skin around your breasts loosens and stretches, changing your breasts’ appearance. During the procedure, your doctor reshapes the breasts and lifts them to their original position. Breasts can also sag after excessive weight loss. Through breast lifting, your doctor can reshape them.
  • To reposition the nipples that are facing down. After weight loss, pregnancy, long-term illness, and other complications, your nipples may change their position. Nipples that are facing down may change your feelings of beauty and personal preference.
  • To reduce low self-esteem. Older adults may not suffer from low self-esteem due to sagging breasts more than teenagers and ladies below their 30s. When you have sagging breasts, you may feel vulnerable as though others may criticize you. Breast lifting is also done to eliminate low self-esteem among teenage girls.

Breast lifting can be done either surgically or non-surgically. During the examination day, your doctor may decide the best way to lift your breasts. Below are non-surgical ways that can be used to lift your breasts.

Non-surgical ways of breast lifting

They include;

  1. Laser treatment. High-laser energy is passed over your breasts to remove the dead cells. Collagen protein pigments responsible for skin tightening are regenerated, making the healthy skin tighten. The procedure outcomes are observed after several treatments.
  2. Thermage. Your doctor uses a ThermaCool device to regenerate collagen pigments. The radio waves are directed in the skin, penetrating deeper into it. Thermage’s effect on the skin is seen immediately after treatment.
  3. The j-plasma. The j-plasma is also called ReNuvion. It is the recent way of breast lifting. Your sagging breasts are contracted by cold plasma energy. Collagens are also regenerated during the treatment.
  4. Aptos threading. During Aptos threading, the excess skin around your breast is removed in an upward direction. Your surgeon uses tiny barbed Aptos threads which are inserted under your breasts using a needle. The threads are then pulled to remove the excess skin on your breasts. 

The breast lifting technique helps many women to reposition and reshape their breasts after giving birth. The procedure requires an experienced doctor to avoid side effects such as breast infections. Matthew J. Lynch, MD, is the best cosmetic doctor you can consult for breast lifting.


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