Importance of physical activity 


With the rising concerns surrounding obesity and its adverse health effects, health specialists have begun to place more emphasis on making physical activity a part of one’s daily routine. There are several reasons why staying active is so important, some of which are:

  1. It is necessary for your bones and muscles

Exercise plays an essential role in making your bones healthy and stimulate muscle-building. It does so by enabling your muscles to absorb amino acids so that they can grow and repair. Exercising regularly prevents muscle wastage as you grow older and thereby prevents the otherwise inevitable disabilities in old age.

  1. Exercise improves your energy levels

It has been proven that physical activity boosts your energy and prevents fatigue. Research showed that after 6 weeks of exercising regularly helped cure constant fatigue in 36 healthy individuals. Even those suffering from some progressive illnesses like cancer or AIDs can benefit from exercising.

  1. Physical activity reduces health risks

Several chronic diseases are known to be caused by a lack of physical activity. Staying active and regular exercise improves cardiovascular fitness, insulin sensitivity, and body composition, and decreases belly fat and blood pressure.

  1. Exercise helps lose weight

There is a close relationship between energy expenditure and exercise. The body uses up energy by digesting blood, maintaining basal metabolic functions, and exercise. Many see dieting as a good alternative to exercising but that may not be the case at all. Dieting lowers calorie intake but also lowers metabolism which delays energy expenditure and thereby weight loss. Exercise, on the other hand, increases metabolic rate and helps lose weight.

  1. Staying active keeps the skin healthy

Oxidative stress is a known cause of poor skin health. Oxidative stress refers to a condition where the body’s defense mechanism is unable to repair cells damaged by free radicals, so the internal structures of the cells stay damaged. This leads to deterioration of the skin’s health. Exercise prevents this by increasing antioxidant content in the body.

There is no question about the importance of exercise in one’s life and there is no denying the fact that gyms are an essential part of the infrastructure. Xforce academy is a Gym Lancaster where you can find all the necessary equipment for your exercise schedule and much more. Such gyms offer individual training as well as small group training, just what you need for a healthy lifestyle.


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