Regular Visits to Your Dentist Equates to a Brighter and Healthier Smile

Dentist Equates

Visiting your dentist often has many benefits to your overall health other than just boosting your oral care. We all know that we should visit a dentist often by making it a regular part of our life. This is because our teeth help us with eating, smiling and can even boost our confidence. Healthy teeth allow us to enjoy our food and stay healthy, while attractive teeth also make us feel confident. Our teeth are threatened by injuries, cavities, and diseases, which may impact our general health. You can avoid this by visiting a dentist in Bronx like Nishita Gandhi, DDS, a board-certified dentist who offers general and cosmetic dentistry and will educate you about dental health so that you can better lead a healthy life.

What are the warning signs that I need a dentist?

Regular visits to the dentist can help you identify warning signs of dental problems. If they find abnormalities, they will establish a treatment plan according to your needs. If you have not been to a dentist for a long time, you may have developed oral health issues, such as tooth decay or bad breath. While the likelihood that these conditions could lead to more severe diseases is minimal, to help you identify warning signs of oral problems, here are a few tips:


Often, bad breath is a sign of poor oral hygiene. If you do not floss or brush your teeth regularly, bacteria build up and accumulates, leading to a nasty smell. Most times, bad breath can indicate something more serious such as stomach or liver issues. If you notice a foul smell from your breath, you must visit your dentist to make a diagnosis and a treatment plan for you.

Bleeding gums

Bleeding gums is a fairly common problem, just like bad breath. You should not ignore this condition,  as it can be an indication of an infection. Conditions such as diabetes, menopause, and pregnancy tend to make gums more sensitive and susceptible to gum-related infections.

Oral lesions

Oral lesions are white spots that appear in and around your teeth, and can also be found below the lips and inside the cheeks. Such spots may be a sign of a lack of minerals or an infection. Visiting your doctor for a check-up will help to ensure you receive proper treatment.

The trick to staying healthy is to regularly clean your teeth while checking for abnormal changes. It will also be important to regularly attend your dental appointments to ensure you are on top of your health.

How are teeth treatments done?

Regular check-ups help identify oral problems before they cause further complications. The earlier you get treatment, the more likely you are to prevent diseases and their advancement. Treatment of a tooth problem depends on its severity, with treatment options including:


In the initial stages of a cavity, fluoride treatment can actually restore your enamel. Fluoride treatments may be a liquid or gel brushed on your teeth or placed in trays that fit your teeth.

Root canal

When decay reaches the deep part of your tooth, a root canal is the preferred treatment method. This type of treatment is used to repair a badly damaged tooth by removing the diseased root. Other methods of treatment include crowns, fillings, or tooth extraction. Your dentist will identify the proper therapy after diagnosis, depending on your needs. If you need safe and secure dental treatments, book an appointment with Dr. Nishita Gandhi, DDS, to protect your health.


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